Yanji Industrial and Commercial Institute helps the diamond industry to start the brand

Recently, Yan Jiuhuang, the person in charge of Yanji Tianci Diamond Tool Factory, made a special trip to Yanji Industrial and Commercial Office to present the banner of “Industrious and Law Enforced Famous Edong, Building a Harmonious Casting Tree Model”. Thanks to the industrial and commercial office for helping the factory to handle the “Tianci”. Trademark.
In recent years, Yanji Industrial and Commercial Office has actively implemented the scientific concept of development, serving the regional economic branding as a breakthrough in serving local economic development. With diamond deep processing enterprises as the key units, it has cultivated a large number of independent trademarks, making potential technological advantages as soon as possible. The industrial advantage that has become a reality has become the pillar industry of the town's economic development. Leading diamond tool export-oriented enterprises to actively apply for international registration of trademarks, to achieve "commodity exports, trademarks first", to cultivate export-oriented enterprises with independent brands.
Through organizing activities such as “Market Main Quality Service Year”, the Institute distributes promotional materials to business operators and the masses in the jurisdiction, and vigorously publicizes trademark knowledge, so that everyone can understand the multiple functions of trademarks and establish a “famous trademark” and “ The famous trademark "consciousness. Conduct an exclusive interview with the business owners of the jurisdiction to understand the degree of trademark knowledge, and select some enterprises that have basic conditions and have not registered trademarks, such as Yanji Hongxing Tool Factory and Yanji Haida Tool Factory, and make repeated publicity, patience and meticulousness. Work, so that they have a full understanding of the importance of registered trademarks, until the initiative to contact the industry and commerce to inquire about trademark registration matters. The Institute also issues trademark registration notices and forms to each diamond processing business operator, and implements on-site zero-distance consultation services for business owners who intend to declare registered trademarks, help design trademark marks, actively guide them to fill out the declaration form, and improve relevant information. Report it in time. The institute has designed brand names and various designs for “Hongxing”, “Hongli” and “Red Star” for the Yanji Hongxing Tool Factory, and is ready to use it to create a well-known trademark.
Up to now, the diamond industry in the jurisdiction has 20 registered trademarks, including 2 well-known trademarks and 1 famous trademark, and 1 well-known trademark is being declared. Hubei Changjiang Seiko Technology Materials Co., Ltd. has two national projects patented, one project won the Science and Technology Contribution Award of the Economic and Trade Commission; Hubei Jin E Tools Co., Ltd. is applying for trademark registration in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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