JUNKER exhibits EMO MSV with new brand GRINDOR

——JUNKER company pushes new brand GRINDOR, EMO2009 exhibition, MSV exhibition presents two new machine tool solutions. Our world is grinding – invited to participate in EMO 2009 exhibition using JUNKER technology to solve each grinding task – global and cross-industry Please come to our booth at EMO exhibition. From October 5th to 10th, 2009, JUNKER, booth No. M09A, Hall 6 in Milan, Italy, as a powerful machine tool manufacturer, launched these two new ones under the GRINDOR brand. Round grinding machines, they have excellent cost performance.
The versatility of these two machines combines proven technology, quality and highest precision with low investment, resulting in maximum production economy. Another highlight is the ease of operation of the machine.
GRINDOR allround: Versatility, high precision, high flexibility. This machine has a wide range of applications and is absolutely versatile with an automated, CNC-controlled stepless B-axis (0,001°).
The corresponding dressing of the grinding wheel and the resulting dressing waiting time, as well as the need to dress the grinding wheel for grinding cones with an angle of less than 0.5° and thus reduce the service life of the grinding wheel, can be avoided by the stepless B-axis. The angle of rotation of the B axis is 210°.
Plunge grinding, multiple plunge grinding, follow-up grinding (with a rotatable B-axis) - GRINDOR allround can perform almost all internal and external grinding. With an inter-tip distance of 800 mm and a grinding length, the GRINDOR allround covers a wide range of part types. It is worth mentioning here that in addition to the corundum grinding wheel, CBN and diamond grinding wheels can also be used in the grinding of the machine.
In addition, you can choose fast, manual radial grinding with an electronic handwheel that is not programmed.
The basic model of the GRINDOR allround is equipped with a belt-driven internal grinding spindle for internal grinding. The internal grinding spindle can be adjusted by the frequency converter. A high-frequency grinding spindle can be used for a particularly small inner diameter of the workpiece.
GRINDOR allround is not only suitable for single and small batch production, but also for mass production. For different productions GRINDOR allround offers a wide range of accessories and options.
The control system of the machine tool is Fanuc 21i. Easier programming and operation of the machine can be achieved graphically, in dialogue programming, and in a straightforward, easy-to-understand software.
In addition to both external and internal grinding (with one grinding spindle), the machine can also be configured as a pure cylindrical or pure internal grinding machine with up to 2 grinding spindles.
The basic configuration of the machine is equipped with a fully enclosed machine cover.
As a pioneer in high-speed grinding using CBN technology, with more than 30 years of grinding experience, JUNKER Group launched the GRINDOR speed machine under the GRINDOR brand.
GRINDOR speed: High speed grinding – precise and efficient. This machine guarantees the absolute economy of small and medium batch production. Maximum productivity is achieved with CBN or diamond wheels and the GRINDOR speed cylindrical grinding machine up to 140 m/s. The machine can be equipped with up to two grinding spindles. The maximum grinding length between the tips is 600 mm.
Typical machining methods such as plunge grinding and follow-up grinding, or JUNKER's cutting and grinding, can be achieved on GRINDOR speed. Therefore, the machine tool is not only economical and practical for the manufacturers of shaft and rotationally symmetric workpieces, but also for the manufacturers of cutting tools, especially in the machining of the outer diameter of the tool.
Up to two grinding spindles are configured to give the GRINDOR speed machine a high degree of flexibility, since separate grinding operations (eg radial machining and plunge grinding) or rough grinding and finishing operations can be carried out on one machine. . JUNKER's 3-point clamping technology guarantees the shortest possible changeover time when changing the grinding wheel or the tip (on the workpiece spindle) while guaranteeing the highest accuracy (radial runout accuracy ≤ 2/1000 mm).
With the proven JUNKER technology, the workpiece is fixed between the top of the rotating workpiece spindle (maximum speed of 12.000 U/min) and the tailstock screw following the rotation.
The operation and control of the machine is done via the Fanuc 21i, or the JUNKER software JUWOP R/P can be selected along with an external programming station.
The JUWOP R/P software provides excellent conditions for machining tool blanks or other rotationally symmetrical (shaft) workpieces:
• Programming of dimensions and contours • Defining the grinding process • Calculating the CNC grinding program A global network of services makes the value of GRINDOR even better: our experts guarantee a response in the shortest possible time, in line with market conditions Complete the repair. Our service outlets are located in cities close to our customers, thereby reducing travel costs. In addition, our spare parts library has sufficient inventory to meet the needs of our customers.

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