Application of New Sand Pumping and High Temperature Resistance Oil Pump in Oilfield Development

In oilfield development, sucker rod pumping system is the most widely used manual lifting method. The sucker rod pump is installed at the bottom of the tubing and sinks in the well fluid. The liquid in the sucker rod is pumped by the power transmitted by the pumping unit and sucker rod. At present, most of the domestic oilfields have entered the period of high water cut. Due to the influence of factors such as high sand content, high water cut, polymer injection, high temperature heavy oil production and strong corrosion, poor well conditions and corrosion, wear and sand Card, scaling, deformation and other reasons, Pumping less maintenance-free period, a serious impact on the comprehensive economic benefits of oil field development. In order to improve the service life of the sump pump, various technologies have been applied to the sump pump, which include the use of a long plunger short pump cylinder structure, the addition of a scraping sand tank, a spiral groove, a rotary plunger, a double-traveling valve, Ring seals and other structural improvements as well as the use of plunger chrome plated carbon steel, carbon steel spray welding, pump tube carbonitriding, nitriding, boronizing, WC carbide seat material improvements. Structural improvements in reducing pump parts and sand contact probability and scaling probability has played a certain effect, but the pump material all the time, ubiquitous wear and corrosion problems can not be eliminated. Various surface measures on metal materials such as plungers and pump tubes are also limited due to limitations of the metal material itself in terms of high temperature resistance, wear resistance to sand particles, corrosion resistance and the like. In this case, choosing a new type of material that is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant than metallic materials to manufacture the various components of the pump becomes a fundamental solution to the above pump failure problem. Ceramic material is a kind of product formed by the powdery material after being hardened under the action of high temperature. It is an aggregate of polycrystal and multiphase (crystal phase, glass phase and gas phase). Ceramic material is an important part of inorganic non-metallic materials, due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, multi-functional and other excellent performance, has been more and more widely used. High Stiffness: Stiffness is measured in terms of elastic modulus, which reflects the strength of the bond, so ceramics with strong bonding chemistries have very high modulus of elasticity and ceramic modulus of elasticity is the highest of all materials. Several times higher than metal, 2-3 orders of magnitude higher than polymer. High hardness: hardness and stiffness, also depends on the strength of chemical bonds, so the ceramic material is the highest hardness of all kinds of materials. Such as a variety of ceramic hardness of mostly 1000-5000Hv, hardened steel hardness of 500-800Hv, the hardest polymer does not exceed 20Hv. High strength: high ceramic bending strength, compressive strength is very high, generally higher than the tensile strength of an order of magnitude. By reducing defects within the material structure, the strength of the ceramic will be further increased 1-2 orders of magnitude. High temperature resistance: Ceramic materials have a much higher melting point than metallic and polymeric materials, which determines the excellent high temperature resistance of ceramic materials. High chemical stability: ceramic acid, alkali, salt and other highly corrosive media have strong resistance to erosion, high chemical stability of the material. It is with the above series of advantages, ceramic materials in some cases can replace the metal material to make pump. From this idea, Anton Oil Technology Co., Ltd. independently designed and developed AOM special ceramic pump series, including AOM special ceramic pump for oil containing H2S, CO2 and other corrosive media wells, to avoid the conventional pump due to Corrosion caused by the coating peeling, pitting. AOM special ceramic pump is mainly used for steam injection thick oil recovery high temperature wells, with long service life, in a long time to maintain high pump efficiency and so on. AOM special ceramic pump in the Liaohe Oilfield Huanxiling oil production plant steam block on-site use of a total of 7 wells, the success rate of 100%, high temperature of 279 ℃, compared with the average well pump efficiency increased by 15%. In Karamay Heavy Oil Company VI East heavy oil block site use, successfully under the 2 serious sand wells, the two underground pumping pump 3 days before the card pump, AOM special ceramic pump down to 102 days have been normal production .

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