What is the circulating water pump?

SHB-IIIA circulating water-based multi-purpose vacuum pump is a new type of desktop circulating water vacuum pump designed by Shanghai Yokang Science and Education Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the small laboratory area. Its function and purpose are the same as those of the B type pump. The main machine adopts stainless steel Material. With an external circulation device, the degree of vacuum stability, beautiful appearance, small and exquisite unique. 1, the host with double tap, can be used alone or in parallel, with two tables; 2, the host using stainless steel stamping, exquisite appearance, the box is a special engineering plastic; 3, equipped with a special fluid muffler to reduce the water Friction noise between gas and liquid, making the vacuum higher and more stable. The corrosion-free, pollution-free, low noise, easy to move, but also according to user needs to install vacuum control valve, easy to operate; 4, SHB-IIIA circulating water type vacuum pump main components using jet, tee, Pumping Tsui and so on. All the important components are made of stainless steel and two special plastic materials. They are corrosion-resistant and dissolve on the operations of organic chemicals such as acetone and ether. 5, the water tank using the newly developed special plastic material, containing acetone, ether and other organic chemicals chlorhexidine operations, corrosion resistance and dissolution.

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