Equivalent piston sand pump performance characteristics and application areas

DFCYB-type plunger pump is an alternative to the conventional pump, the pump by optimizing the structure of the conventional pump, not only to provide all the features of the conventional pump, and can effectively prevent the The occurrence of sand card plunger and sanding plunger pump cylinder in sand oil well greatly reduces the wear between the plunger and the pump cylinder and prolongs the production cycle of the sand production well. The product has been national patent. The price of the pump close to the conventional pump, the use of operation, maintenance and other conventional pump the same, therefore, can replace a variety of conventional pumps used in various types of wells. Features: Sand control card, sand control, can effectively extend the oil well production cycle. Due to the unique design of the streamlined valve cover, the pump is also suitable for some heavy oil sand production wells. Low prices, high efficiency. With the conventional pump price, than the conventional pump to effectively extend the effectiveness of the well production cycle. Save a lot of oil well production materials costs and operating costs, reduce production costs. Scope: The pump can be applied to sand containing 0.2% less than crude oil viscosity of not more than 2000mPa.s (ground at 50 ℃ degassing crude oil) all kinds of wells.

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