What is the diaphragm metering pump

Metering pump (metering pump), can be measured by the transport of liquid machinery, also known as quantitative pump, proportional pump. It is usually described as: A metering pump is a kind of special volume pump that can meet various kinds of strict process flow requirements, and the flow rate can be steplessly adjusted in the range of 0-100% for transporting liquids (especially corrosive liquids). Diaphragm metering pumps are an important type of metering pump, usually driven by a motor, which pushes the rod guide and reciprocates the diaphragm connected to the rod guide, thus the diaphragm metering pump delivers liquid in the Pulsed delivery Diaphragm metering pump works as shown: The use of the diaphragm before and after the action so that changes between the diaphragm and the pump head caused by the ball valve moves up and down to form a vacuum adsorption and push phenomenon to achieve the purpose of liquid delivery. ① When the diaphragm is pulled backwards, the outlet ball valve falls tightly close to the ball seat ①, the inlet ball valve rises upward due to the vacuum generated between the pump diaphragm and the diaphragm after the diaphragm ②, and the liquid is sucked up. ② When the diaphragm forward push, the inlet ball valve seat airtight ④, so that the liquid will not pass, and the outlet pushed forward by the diaphragm to open the ball valve ③, the liquid spit Japan NIKKISO EIKO Diaphragm Metering Pump Diaphragm Liquid injection pump features quantitative; 1 structure, completely no leakage. Easy maintenance and repair; 2 material suitable for a variety of acid-base solution; 3 design, to take into account the safety; 4 operation, flow Can be adjusted; BB series mechanical diaphragm metering pump simple and elegant products, a variety of measurement specifications and models to choose from. Product structure by the micro-motor drive, horizontal installation, single diaphragm work, accurate measurement, manual adjustment of flow, low noise, mechanical transmission part of the pollution-free, no oil leaks. Wetting materials for the pump head for the PVC, SS316, PVDF; diaphragm for the PTFE / EPDM, can transport strong acids, alkaloids and activated carbon, flocculants and other solutions. With a variety of connections, the motor can be used 380V or 220V voltage work. Flow control range: 14ml-1000ml / min; Scope of application: swimming pool, community facilities, such as water treatment, wastewater treatment, boiler system injection of liquid medicine; various factories, laboratories and other liquid quantitative injection. NIKKISO (Nikkiso) metering pump type BB is in the swimming pool, wastewater treatment equipment, laboratories, etc., was well received. AH Series Membrane Metering Pump Its products are corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, high-viscosity liquid, easy to transport sludge, completely self-priming and easy to replace parts. High precision, high reliability and high linearity control of metering pump series Regardless of pump operation or Stop, you can continuously adjust the stroke length in the range of 0% ~ 100%. Fully meet the requirements of a variety of domestic specifications of the main features. The ultimate reliability depends on the use of a minimum number of high-reliability components and the use of second-tier leak-proof sleeves. Flow rate range: 0.035L / min ~ 31L / min; Pump head material: PVC, SS316, PVDF; Motor: 3φ / 380V / 50HZ; Spit pressure: Max 10Kgf / cm2;

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