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Kitchen cabinets can't be found in the kitchen, but how to choose a good cabinet requires some expertise to help. In general, the selection of cabinets starts with several places:

First of all, look at the plate processing, if the plate is unqualified or the equipment is not good, the edge phenomenon will appear, and in the future, the glue opening phenomenon will occur soon.

Second, look at the edge. The end of the plate must be sealed. Professional manufacturers use special mechanical edge sealing. The manual sealing of the small workshops in general workshops is rough.

Again, check the drawers, doors and other movable hardware components. The switches should be flexible, noiseless, and have no collision or self-closing functions. Cabinets designed and manufactured by professional manufacturers should have over-shank wire connections between the cabinets, and the overall firmness is good.

There are horizontal adjustment feet at the bottom of the cabinet, which can adjust the level of the cabinet and have a waterproof function. An integral mobile skirting board should be provided to facilitate the cleaning of the bottom of the cabinet.

In addition, the door with a damper to eliminate noise, water basin cabinets under the drain board, the table in front of a water storage ditch, after the drain drain, etc., will play a decisive role in product life.

In the purchase process, it is also important to pay attention to the combination of the feet and feet.

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