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In the well-decorated room, due to the collapse of the painted flat roof, the interior decoration was damaged, and even the case of casualties occurred before. The main reasons for this are:

(1) The floor of the house floor is uneven and the stucco leveling layer is too thick, or the adhered impurities on the bottom of the house are not removed.

(2) The cast-in-place concrete floor slabs are sloppy and sloppy, or use waste oil as a mold release agent. They are sewed with linoleum or fiberboard and even with paper, and are not removed before painting.

The above two conditions cause the poor adhesion of the stucco layer to the floor slab, resulting in empty drums or even cracks. The paint is directly removed from the paint during inspection, and the paint is directly applied to the leveling paint. The flat roof collapsed after a certain period of time.

Therefore, in the process of decorating the flat roof, the preserved original paint layer must be checked one by one, and the empty drum and cracked paint layer should be removed and redone. When using a highly vibrating machine, special attention should be paid. Do not shake the floor as much as possible before repairing the paint layer. At present, relevant departments are considering removing prefabricated floor slabs from residential houses and adopting cast-in-place concrete floor slabs, and require that the bottom of the slab be leveled off and the flat-top whitewashing be eliminated, and that batch leveling should be used. This is an effective measure to avoid collapse of flat-topped whitewashes.

When the home decoration is painted with a flat top, it is necessary to check whether the stucco layer is firmly bonded, does not hollow out, and does not crack. Observe and tap with a hammer to check.

Why do the flat tops fall?

The accident that caused the casualties caused by the fall of the hanging flat roof was heard. The main causes of the collapse of the flat roof can be summarized as:

(1) "nail." There are several methods for fixing the boom and the floor slab, in which a mallet is used to drive into the floor slab (concrete floor slab), nails or screws are used to nail (hold in) the wooden pole inwards, and some use pneumatic nails to fix the wooden material in place. Fix the boom; or hit the concrete slab in the sky with a shot nail to fix the hanging point of the boom; or fix the primary keel or wooden boom with nails that lean against the heavens. This belongs to the category of "nature."

(2) "stretch nails." The flat roof is not suspended from the hanger, but the keel of the flat roof is directly fixed with a needle on the wall or the side of the beam to fix the ceiling.

(3) Suspender overload. Hangers with flat tops are sparse or too thin, and the flat top weight exceeds the force that the boom can withstand.

(4) The wood boom spalling or steaming needle is too short and too little.

In the above four situations, when the room has just been decorated, the flat roof will not fall down immediately, but after a period of time, due to the friction of the nails nailed into the floor to withstand the flat top weight; Fixed, there is no boom in the middle of the keel, the keel under the scratch; sparse sparse; wood boom spalling or nail nail length insufficient, too thin, etc.; a long time or flat roof vibration, it will cause a flat top collapse accident .

Therefore, in the process of flat roof construction, the above four situations should be avoided. When the connection must be fixed in the sky, apply expansion bolts or special expansion tubes. Connect the primary and secondary keel application screw connections. The flat top keel is connected by a suspender, and the flat top is applied to f6~f10 steel bars. The wooden jib can be 50mm'50mm or 40mm'40mm. The galvanized steel wire can be used as a suspender instead of the flat top. The suspender spacing is generally 900 ~ 1200mm, the main keel spacing should not be greater than 1200mm. When the lighting fixtures on the keel need to be strengthened. For the installation of the suspended ceiling bar and keel, a full inspection should be performed before the installation of the ceiling panel. The methods of manual test, ruler measurement and observation and inspection are generally used.

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