India launches newest solar traffic light

India launches newest solar traffic light News Coimbatore, India (a city in southern India): Electric powered traffic lights that cause traffic disruptions in the event of a power outage are no longer new. The Municipal Police Commissioner Amresh Pujari stated on Wednesday that as the country’s first such initiative, three solar traffic lights will be unveiled on Avinashi Road in Coimbatore.

He said that the fully automated traffic signal lights powered by 800W photovoltaic solar cells will be self-illuminated within two days without power. The semaphore will be fully operational. Senthil Kumar, project manager of Analog and Digital Lab, one of the technology promotion companies, says that solar panels are made using photovoltaic cells using the latest technology. The solar panels mounted on the stand convert sunlight into electricity. The solar charger regulates the current and voltage of the solar panel. The regulated power supply is used to charge the battery.

The Commissioner of Police also stated that the solar traffic light is the first step towards a "green corridor" project on the 8 km long Avinashi road. This road stretches from the junction of the JM bakery near the Avinashi footbridge to the junction of the airport intersection of SITRA. It will soon become a "green promenade." When the vehicle is traveling at a particular speed, the solar powered signal will automatically turn green in sync with it.

As for the speed problem, an electronic board controlled by a central room would send the driver instructions to run at a certain speed.

He added that this invention prompted the vehicle not to park at any unnecessary junctions, thereby reducing traffic congestion. (Translated by Cara)

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