How to choose furniture paint

The oak wood panel is one of the most used materials in home decoration. The natural oak wood panel has two colors: white peony and red peony. The white pheasant is pale yellow, and the red pod is slightly red. The commonly used beech wood panel is divided into three patterns of pearl pattern, ruled pattern and hill pattern. Its grades are divided into three grades: first-class AAA, second-class AA, third-class A; three-A panel surface is smooth, color and soft, surrounding regular, no black spots; two A panel lines are not regular, there are a few black spots; A panel The surface is rough, the surface of the grain is translucent, there are wood eyes, black spots are more.

The biggest difference between the artificial oak wood panel and the natural oak wood panel is that its texture is rough, the color is dark red, and the color is dull, commonly known as “dead color”. The pattern is too regular, and its price is different from that of the natural beech wood panel by 40 yuan/sheet. When the owners are renovating, they should beware of the construction team using artificial alfalfa panels to impersonate natural alfalfa panels.

After purchasing the eucalyptus panel that meets the requirements and returning it to the construction site, the panel should be sanded with water and coated with polyurethane varnish to protect the panel. In this way, even if stains are occasionally contaminated during construction, clean with a clean damp cloth.

When purchasing the panel, the panel used should be purchased as soon as possible. If there are a few panel lines with different colors and color difference, the owner should require the construction staff to use the same texture and color panel on the same piece of furniture to avoid the same accessories. There are differences in lines and shades. If there is a black spot on the panel, the owner should require the construction staff to do a clever slashing to avoid spots and make the finish beautiful.

In the use of wood after the decoration of the beech wood panel, care should be taken to protect it. It is not suitable to hit the surface. You can often wipe the surface with a damp towel.

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