There are three tricks to save money in building materials city

It is coated with 0.2-0.4mm soft or semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride plastic film on the Steel Plate or profiled steel plate, divided into two kinds of single-sided and double-sided coating. It has the characteristics of insulation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, etc. It can be used for wall panels and roof panels.

Decorative panels

Is it sliced ​​or cut to 0.2?1 thick with natural wood? The thin sheets are made by affixing them to plywood, fiberboard, chipboard, and other substrates after being put together. This material has a clear texture and natural color and is a higher-grade decorative material.

Calcium plastic board

It is based on high-pressure polyethylene as a base material, adding a lot of light calcium carbonate and a small amount of additives, after plasticizing, hot pressing, foaming and other processes. This plate is lightweight, soundproof, heat-insulating and moisture-proof. Mainly used for ceiling surface materials.

Medium density fiberboard

Density fiberboard is a kind of man-made board. It uses plant fibers as raw materials, and is cut into pieces, separated into fibers, formed into slabs (mixed with resin glue and additive paving), under heat and pressure, cellulose and hemicellulose and A sheet of lignin plasticized.


According to the bulk density, it can be divided into hard fiberboard, semi-hard fiberboard and soft fiberboard. Hard fiberboard is mainly used for the panel of the ceiling and partition wall. The board surface is drilled to form various patterns. The surface is sprayed with various paints, and the decorative effect is better. Hard fiberboard sound absorption, waterproof performance, durable, easy construction.

Yellow Pineapple Wood

The wood is glossy, the annual rings are clear and uniform, the material is soft, easy to dry, and processed. The material color and pattern are very beautiful. It has good paint and cementation properties, is not easy to crack, and has good corrosion resistance. It is a material for high-grade furniture.


Aroma, anti-corrosion, pest control, slightly lighter material, not easily deformed, easy processing, smooth cut surface, beautiful color after painting.

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