Kitchen and toilet companies are optimistic about the secondary and tertiary markets

People rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. The same is true of our kitchen environment. Big kitchens do not have the right “clothes” to dress up. Even a luxury whole cabinet or an expensive home appliance can not show the perfect and bright overall effect. , then the tiles will play a role in the kitchen, its classification is also a lot of fashion generous, elegant and elegant, elegant and so on. The following are mainly four affordable tiles recommended for friends with a small budget, and hope to give some inspiration to friends who have no experience in fitting.
Product Recommendation: Smic Glazed Tiles Smick Glazed Tiles Specification: 300*300mm
Market price: 5 yuan / piece

Product features: First, the brand of this tile is still quite loud, and the quality is very good. The glazed brick surface is easily scratched, so it is common to use it as a brick wall. There are many fumes in the kitchen, and the smooth surface and corrugated tiles will be much easier to handle.
Comments: In the market like the brand's tile price is 5 yuan / piece is rare, so this tile price is very fair, a friend with a limited budget is a very suitable choice. Smooth-faced bricks can create a modern minimalist style. If one of the whites is too monotonous, you may wish to purchase tiles of similar products. Only 2-3 pieces are required. The color can be as vivid as possible. Selecting a brick has the advantage of visual expansion of the kitchen in a small space. If the color of the tile is single, the colors of the cabinet must be selected. This kind of match will be better overall.
Product Recommendation: Dongpeng Tile Specification: 300*300mm
Market price: 15 yuan / piece

Product features: Dongpeng tile reputation is still good, product quality can also be. The surface is translucent, light in color, and incorporates some natural elements. Gives a refreshing and pleasant feeling. The printed pattern on the surface is embedded in the interior of the tile, so the surface is free from unevenness and cleaning is easier.

Comment: Tiles with rich colors are usually more expensive than plain tiles in terms of workmanship and color, but the overall effect achieved is also very good. This series of tiles is dominated by warm colors. For those large kitchens, the overall visual effect will be better. The simple pattern shape can create a perfect simple curve, the kitchen space is brighter, and there are matching wall tiles. In general, the floor tiles will have a certain non-slip effect, so the gloss is lower than the wall tiles. Affordable prices, bright appearance will create a perfect and new stylish kitchen.
Product Recommendation: Nobel Tile Size: 300*300
Market price: 14 yuan / piece

Product features: The brand name has long been a household name, this is an affordable glass tile, is the hardest of all tiles, the surface is smooth and does not require polishing, so there is no problem with polished pores, texture than polished tiles It is more wear-resistant and therefore suitable as a floor tile.
Comments: The average family will regard this brand as a luxury. However, now that the promotion period is active, businesses have made great adjustments in their prices. Now, it is very cost-effective to purchase. Tile color is somewhat biased towards retro color, so suitable for economical pastoral and European-style kitchen decoration, wall tiles are best to buy bricks similar, this will create a better effect. This type of well-known tile will be a good choice when you are not sure whether the tiles are good or bad. The best combination of molding series of whole cabinets, but also a retro charm, but also a touch of classical flavor, the overall effect is very good.
Summary: The purchase of tiles may be more concerned with the appearance, and the overall coordination with the style of home improvement is the right tile, so when buying, many people who do not understand will ignore quality problems, bad tiles encounter high temperature or hard knock Hit, there will be a crack or deformation phenomenon. At the same time, when reminding users to purchase, it is still worthwhile to purchase some famous and affordable tiles. At the same time as quality assurance, the price is also satisfactory. This is what many economic families need.

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