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Sanitary ware refers to people who wash or wash utensils used in toilets and kitchens, such as washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, etc. Mainly made of ceramic, glass steel, plastic, artificial marble, stainless steel and other materials.

Eight factors to consider when choosing a sanitary ware:

1, choose consumer satisfaction or after-sales service reliable home market.

2. Comparing the three products, considering the same style, the same brand of goods, comprehensive considerations from quality, price, service and other aspects.

3, ask for the product environmental protection material test report.

4. The color of the washbasins, toilets and bathtubs of sanitary ware should be the same, and the style should be coordinated with the color of the tiles and tiles in the bathroom. General bathroom ware color should be similar, basin, faucet and bath triple joints should choose the same brand, the same style only appears to be coordinated.

5. Whether or not the toilet water-saving does not depend entirely on the size of the water tank. It is mainly due to the design of toilet flushing and drainage systems and water tank accessories. Some toilet tanks are small, but the flushing performance is poor; some toilet tanks are not small, but the tank water line is very low, the flush performance is very good, the same can save water.

6, the general high-quality sanitary ware glaze smooth, no chromatic aberration, pinholes and lack of glaze and other phenomena, with a hard object hit the sound of ceramic crisp. In addition, when choosing a sanitary ware, you should also consider the elderly and children in the family. There must be armrests and anti-skid measures for the bathtub.

7. The name, specification, quantity, price, amount, etc. of the sanitary ware must be stated on the invoice and contract.

8, understand the sales department and manufacturer's name, address, contact person, telephone, etc., so that the occurrence of quality problems can be promptly contacted and resolved.

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