When choosing home decoration, you must buy high-quality adhesive to eliminate home-clothes pollution

Through the column entitled “Authorization of Rights and Interests” of this publication, we paid particular attention to the adhesive market and introduced a series of reports on the “Large-Viscosity-Large-Pollution” series. We have made detailed reports on the hazards of adhesives, the causes of adhesive contamination, and the advantages and disadvantages of adhesives. Not only has it been recognized by many adhesive manufacturers, it has also given consumers a new understanding of the adhesive market and the product itself. In the past, the small accessories (adhesives) that were abandoned by the owners during the decoration were suddenly “beloved”. Consumer Uncle Zhang told reporters: “After reading your report, I suddenly realized that the glue used to glue things actually had such a big danger. Before I bought adhesive products, I never paid attention to the brand. On the contrary, my psychology was cheaper. The better, I now know that glue must be bought."

Afterwards, the reporter followed up with Ms. Li, a consumer who wanted to buy Magnum Glue, to see how she bought it, and she made a special calculation. Buy high-quality brand adhesives, such as domestic brands Compestate 105 yuan / barrel (6 kg), Northeast brand brothers are good 127 yuan / barrel (7 kg), Shandong brand Luwang 105 yuan / barrel (6.5 kg. And the same specifications Compared with the products, most of the miscellaneous goods are priced between 50 and 60 yuan. It is the same size as the all-purpose adhesive. Why is there such a large price difference? Mr. Chai, the marketing manager of Deli State, told reporters: The raw materials for production are SBS and acetone solvents. The biggest difference between high-quality and low-quality products is in the raw materials. The quality of acetone solvent is 8,000 yuan/ton, and the inferior quality is only 2,000 yuan/ton. The resulting result is not only performance. Due to the material waste caused by the gap, the most important thing is that the inferior quality raw materials have not been subjected to reprocessing and processing, which contains a large amount of benzene that harms the human body, so it seems that there is such a large price gap for only raw materials, so the The price difference is naturally self-evident.” After listening to Chai's explanation, Ms. Li did not hesitate to purchase the brand products of large manufacturers. She told reporters that the province’s tens of dollars is a trivial matter. Let toxic benzene quietly injure the health of the family.

Although the adhesive product is a very small decorative material, it is indispensable. In the home decoration, sticky metal, sticky board, and sticky plastic products cannot be separated from it. When it is so closely related to our lives, its merits must be given enough attention by you. Therefore, it is hoped that through the coverage of this publication, consumers can rationally face the choice of adhesive products. They must purchase products of well-known brands, and pay attention to the scale of the manufacturers and their process flow when purchasing.

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