Cork flooring is not soft and sound-absorbing, environmental protection and easy maintenance

(1) Comparison of tile materials:

(2) Purchase Guide:

1, according to the functional space to choose different tiles:

The kitchen is generally selected: high-gloss glazed interior wall tiles, mainly because these tiles are easy to clean and take care of, larger kitchens can use larger specifications 300 * 450 bricks.

The selection of the bathroom, the current market choice is relatively large, the more popular in the Shanghai market is 450 * 300,600 * 30 specifications of the product. Compared with the atmosphere, the overall feeling after paving is strong. Individualized consumers can choose bar-shaped tiles, mosaics and other products, which can be freely combined and combined.

In the living room, given the consumption habits in Shanghai, a large proportion of consumers choose flooring. In recent years, some consumers choose vitrified tiles. Compared to floors, vitrified tiles are easier to care for and maintain.

2, 4 tricks to choose tiles:

Look: Observe whether the brick surface is delicate and uniform, and whether there are visible defects such as mottled spots or holes.

Quantity: Take a brick to measure whether the length of the side meets the requirements, then take several bricks and stack them together to compare whether the size is the same. Take two bricks side by side depending on whether the side seam is small and straight, then the straightness is good; then the two bricks are buckled together and the gap is small and straight, and the flatness is good. There are no concaves and convexes on the brick surface, and flat and convex are preferred.

Knock: tap gently with a stick (or tap with a finger) to hang the tile. The sound clearly shows that the tile has no cracks, a good degree of sintering, low water absorption, and high strength; if the sound is squeaky, it indicates that the tile may have cracks. The sound "suddenly bored" indicates that the tile has a poor degree of sintering, high water absorption, and low strength.

Drop: A few drops of clear water on the back of the tile, observe the absorption rate, the faster the absorption, the greater the water absorption. In general, products with low water absorption, good sintering, high strength, good frost resistance, and good product quality. Or use a few drops of colored liquid on the local surface and apply it to the surface. After a few seconds, wipe it off with a damp cloth to observe whether the surface has any residual color points. The color points often indicate that there are many pinholes, they are easy to hang dirty, and the quality of the glaze is not high; if they are scrubbed Can not afford, indicating that bricks have poor water absorption and poor dirt resistance.

3, tile superiority and weakness detection method:

1, a few drops of tea juice or water on the back of the tile, after a few minutes, depending on the degree of inhalation of water droplets, non-absorbent or low water absorption is good quality.

2, tap the tile to listen to the sound is crisp, the sound more brittle, the degree of porcelain, the higher the density, good hardness.

3. If the tiles are scratched with a sharp object, if the scratches indicate that the difference between the glazes is easy to slip, the surface of the glaze is polished and the brick surface will not be cleaned.

4. The color and clearness of the tiles are natural, indicating that the degree of porcelain is high, the color is not clear, and the degree of porcelain is low.

5, when buying, within one meter to the naked eye to see whether the surface of the pinhole, if any, that the glaze is not completely integrated, easy to produce dirt accumulation.

6, warping degree observation: to the naked eye to see if the side of the tile is straight, if the warping situation will seriously affect the future of the ceramic tile.

4, decoration 6 kinds of tile shop analysis:

Tile adhesive: also called dry stick method, is a new type of paving accessories. It changed the wet practice of mortar cement. Tiles do not need to be soaked in advance, the base surface does not need to wet, as long as the basic conditions of the pavement can be better, so that the operating conditions have been greatly improved. Its adhesive effect also surpasses traditional mortar cement, and is especially suitable for small and medium-sized projects and home renovations with small work surfaces and unsatisfactory working environments.

Colorful caulking agent: It is not an ordinary color cement, and it is generally used for the floor or wall surface of a paving seam. It is characterized by strong color fixation, pressure wear resistance, non-alkaline, non-shrinkage, no chalking, not only changing the tile gap water, peeling and sticking problems, but also make the gap color and tile matching appear unified and coordinated, Complement each other.

Edge band cross positioning frame: The use of these auxiliary materials has greatly improved the construction process of the inside corner and the outside corner of the pavement. Tiles no longer need to be cut at 45 degrees, saving man-hours and damage. Cross-positioning can improve the sewing accuracy of floor tiles and simplify the construction process.

Combination of various specifications: It is characterized by the selection of a variety of floor tiles with different geometries, and paving in groups in a certain combination. Due to the combination of different sizes and combinations of floor tiles, the geometric lines of the ground are immediately changed, and the changes in the order are vivid.

The floor tiles are composed of a variety of colors. This is the trend of the latest paving of Spanish tiles. It is a random combination of floor tiles with different glazed colors. Its visual effects vary widely and it is delusional. This is a challenge to our traditional "symmetry and unity" aesthetic. It is suitable for larger halls.

Staying in the paving: Antique tiles are now popular in the market. It mainly emphasizes the return of history. The glazed surface was uneven, and the straight edges were also corroded. For the paving, necessary gaps were added to fill it with colored cement, so that the overall effect was uniform, emphasizing the dignified sense of history.

Wall paving: The combination of 45-degree diagonal paving and vertical paving makes the walls more plentiful and varied from the original monotonous geometric lines, enhancing the spatial three-dimensionality and active atmosphere.

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