Warm installation steps to explain the warm pipe brand which is good

Many families use floor heating as a method of heating in winter. How much do we know about floor heating? When choosing a floor heating pipe, what brands are better and what are the warming installation steps ? Next Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction. Floor heating installation steps and floor heating brand.

First, warm the installation steps

1, installation time

We can install the floor heating after the completion of the hydropower renovation of the house, or together with the hydropower reform. To warm the installation we need to inform the decoration company in advance, and communicate with them to make a good plan for the warmth, and to set aside a good warm temperature control line and temperature control.

2, laying warm

When the floor is warmly laid, it must be constructed in strict accordance with the drawings. If the floor heating pipes are improperly laid, the heating effect in our room will be affected, resulting in local non-heating or overheating.

3, installation matters

When we surround the entire wall with the floor heating pipe evenly, the floor heating pipe and the wall must retain certain expansion joints to prevent the heating pipe from bursting due to thermal expansion and contraction during heating.

4, water collector installation

According to the drawings, we will install the water collector in the designated position. If it is installed horizontally, the water separator should be below the water collector and keep a distance of 200mm between them. The center of the water collector is between the ground and the ground. The distance is more than 300mm, and the wall has a distance of 30mm. If it is a vertical installation, the distance between the water separator, the water collector and the ground should be greater than 150mm.

5, leveling

Floor heating installation also needs leveling. Generally, cement mortar and bean-cement concrete are used to smooth out the floor heating. When leveling, the horizontal line of the house should be consistent to avoid uneven heating during heating.

Second, to warm the brand

1, Rifeng

Rifeng was founded in 1996 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of heating and sanitary products. The company pays attention to product quality and has obtained more than 400 patents. Its products have been certified by many countries such as the US NSF and German TZW. The company has won many honors such as China's famous brand products and the leading brand of China's floor heating industry.

2. Weixing New Material

Established in 1999, Weixing Xincai is a listed company specializing in the production of various types of new plastic pipes. Its products are widely used in residential systems, commercial buildings and other water piping systems, floor heating systems, drainage systems and other systems. The company also received a number of honors such as China's well-known trademarks, low-carbon, ecological industry-wide recommended products.

Xiao Bian concludes: The floor heating tube brand also has Taurus, Zhongcai Pipeline, etc., Xiao Bian will not elaborate here. About the floor heating installation steps and the floor heating tube brand is introduced here, I hope that after reading this article, I can provide reference for everyone. help.

Warm installation steps

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