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We are decorating our own bathroom. Choosing tiles is a crucial step. When the bathroom is renovated, the tiles must be chosen well, and the decoration is good. Because the anti-slip property of the bathroom floor is the first one, then how about the decoration of the bathroom tiles ? How to choose so many tile patterns? What kind of tile brand is good? With so many questions, let’s take a look at what Xiaobian says below.


Speaking of the bathroom tile small series is a certain experience, because in the decoration of this small series know the most, for the choice of bathroom tile decoration, first of all, when we choose the tile, we will see a variety of colors in the market, color There are many kinds of tiles with different styles and patterns. There are two main factors to consider when choosing which tiles. The first is to follow the decoration style of your bathroom. You can't mix and match, so the mix will make the whole bathroom feel wrong.

Look at the style of your bathroom's decoration style, and then choose a uniform style of tile according to this style, so that it will look comfortable when paired, the white wall of the bathroom should choose silver or silver tile color, the pattern selection is fresh. Some elegant patterns, so it will look good, if it is a dark wall, the tiles should also choose the pattern that echoes the color, the color should be chosen as deep as possible, and the pattern should be more solemn.

Another factor is that when you choose to buy tiles, you should touch the surface of the tile by hand. Is it not very slippery? If you want to have a non-slip setting, such a tile is worthy of choice. It is installed in the bathroom. It will be safer. Many friends will give priority to safety when choosing ceramic tiles. This is a very worthwhile consideration. It is also a place that Xiaobian recommends that everyone try to consider.


There are many merchants selling ceramic tiles on the market. They will sell ceramic tiles of various brands. Many friends choose not to know which brand of bathroom tiles to choose. These brands will look at the eye, really do not know which one is the best, in fact, Xiaobian to say, if it is really according to the brand to choose the bathroom tile is not correct, no matter which brand of tile, suitable The quality of the home is the best, the quality of the tile of the noble brand is not necessarily good, the tile of the civilian brand may be more suitable for your home.

The questions you need to know about bathroom tile selection and purchase are all answered by you. Xiaobian is still the same sentence, not the best brand tile is the best, as long as the most suitable tile for your bathroom is the most worthwhile choice, other questions about bathroom tiles can pay attention to Xiaobian continue to find the answer.

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Faux Wood Tiles is good? Today's tile market, can be described as imitation wind, such as faux leather tiles, faux wallpaper tiles, faux stone tile, etc., and now the hottest imitation wood brick, after the development in recent years is now directly called the board flooring market, then imitation wood What are the advantages of brick? Why say imitation Wood Grain "because wood is better than wood."
First, what is imitation wood ceramic tile
Wood ceramic tile introduction
Wood grain brick refers to the surface of natural wood texture pattern decorative effects of new environmentally friendly building materials ceramic tiles, divided into two kinds of glazed tiles and split brick. . Sub-original edge (when firing is a long strip, without cutting) and hardcover side (brick, post-cut paving) two categories, each with advantages and disadvantages
 Wood grain effect tile size:
 150 * 600,600 * 600,200 * 900,200 * 1000,600 * 900
 Application space:
 Living room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, bathroom
 Common Style:
 any style (American, European, Mediterranean, Chinese, classical, Southeast Asia, etc.)
 Common types:
 Imitation walnut tiles, imitation Norway spruce tiles, imitation brazilian tiles, imitation walnut tiles, cedar wood tiles, imitation red shirt wood
Second, Faux Wood Tiles Floor advantages and disadvantages
Wood Pattern Tile Floor In addition to high fidelity, material differences make it cheaper than solid wood flooring. Tiles almost no water, wet weather do not worry mildew, moth-eaten. Water-repellent surface treatment, easy to clean, if dust contamination, can be wiped directly with water. Do not need "long-term care" like wood. As a kind of interior wall tiles, imitation wood floor tiles are mostly matte brick, non-slip performance is better, suitable for families with elderly and children. faux wood tiles use a wide range
First of all, relatively speaking, on the foot feeling, wood tiles than wooden floor comfort. In the texture, the pattern of wood grain is often too regular and appear dull. If a long time filth, ceramic tiles often appear black seam, very affect the appearance. Moreover, if the brick is usually broken, it needs to be replaced, while the wooden floor can be replaced by a single piece

Third, wood brick and wood flooring which is good


Faux wood tiles floor

1, price: wood brick price is much lower than the wooden floor, wood brick long service life, low maintenance costs;

2, pattern: rich shape, for the consumer to choose the type of variety are more;

3, maintenance: a soft and comfortable sense of foot, wear-resistant, water-resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to care.


Wooden floor

1, the price: high prices, high maintenance costs;

2, pattern: with natural wood texture, pattern modeling is relatively small;

3, maintenance: suitable for collocation into the ordinary home interior, but its wearability is weak, short life expectancy.

To sum up

Wood grain effect tiles as a highly cost-effective ceramic tile can retain the original home-style home improvement materials become consumers sought after object. And with the strengthening of environmental awareness, the future price of wood flooring will only be higher and higher, so if the economic conditions affordable, pay attention to the quality of wood flooring can choose, if you consider the price, practical aspects, Imitation wood tiles  is good s Choice.

Faux Wood Tiles

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