Kitchen waterproof how to do the kitchen waterproof construction steps

It is necessary to waterproof the decoration, especially the waterproof measures of the bathroom, the kitchen and the balcony. These three areas will use water every day. Therefore, waterproofing must be done. How about that kitchen waterproof ? Here's a look at the waterproof construction steps along with Xiaobian.

How to do kitchen waterproofing steps 1, preparation tools and raw materials

To do kitchen waterproof to prepare brushes, rollers, electric mixers, non-woven fabrics or fiberglass mesh and other tools, but also to prepare waterproof coatings, this depends on their own choice, generally choose two kinds, one is the ground dedicated waterproof Coatings, and second, special waterproof coatings for walls.

Kitchen waterproof how to do step 2, base repair

The general ground is uneven, so to do a waterproof before the first to repair the kitchen base, especially in the yin and yang area to pay more attention to some, uneven should be leveled. The spatula can be used to scrape out the raised cement slag and debris. Repairs and trowels should be made in the recessed areas, and repairs must be done for leaks such as cracks or seepage.

Kitchen waterproof how to do step 3, base surface cleaning

After the ground is repaired, it is also necessary to ensure that the base surface is free from any dust, particles, garbage, etc. Therefore, before the construction, you can use water to clean the surface. Just wet the surface and clear water cannot appear.

Kitchen waterproof how to do step 4, waterproof slurry mix

First make the floor waterproof, so first deploy the ground waterproof coating. Put a certain proportion of waterproof paint into the plastic bucket, pour the coating emulsion first, then pour the powder, stir the mixture evenly with a stirrer, and stand still for three minutes after being in a particle-free state, after eliminating small bubbles, be usable.

Kitchen waterproof how to do step 5, ground waterproof slurry brushing

At this time, you can begin to apply the waterproof slurry. First, apply a small-scale key brushing to some special areas, especially the floor drains, the pipes, and the corners of the walls. The area can then be brushed on a large area for the first time. After the brush is wetted, the paint is applied and brushed in one direction. The thickness of the paint film is within 1mm, which is easy to dry, and it is not easy to bubbling and cracking. After drying, it can be brushed a second time in the direction of the cross staggered to avoid leakage of the brush, and the closed water test can be performed the next day.

Kitchen waterproof how to do step 6, wall waterproof slurry brushing

The kitchen space must also have waterproof measures on the wall surface. Its height is about 180cm, which can prevent the faucet from soaking the wall with water. Its practice is the same as the ground waterproof practice. The only difference is that the waterproof slurry is different, and the wall-specific paint is used.

Editor's Note: The above is a full-step analysis on how to do kitchen waterproofing. I hope that the sharing provided by Xiaobian will allow everyone to better do a good job of kitchen waterproofing. If you want to learn more about decoration, you can pay attention to our website information.

How to make kitchen waterproof

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