Stainless steel wash basin please install what you should pay attention to

There are three types of wash basins for household use: ceramic washbasins, stainless steel washbasins, and glass washbasins. Stainless steel washbasins are used in kitchen spaces and are common in hospitals. How about this stainless steel wash basin? What should you pay attention to when installing? Let's learn about it under Xiao Bian.

One, stainless steel wash basin please

There are three types of stainless steel washbasins in the home, one in the bathroom with the bathroom cabinet to become a washbasin or washbasin. The second is to combine with the cabinets in the kitchen and become a sink for washing vegetables, washing dishes, etc. The third is to set up a balcony and become a laundry pool. This kind of comparison is not commonly used.

Stainless steel sink is the most suitable for kitchen use, generally made of solid wood, has a very good cleanliness, basically dirt as long as the water can be washed clean, and not easy to rust. The stainless steel washbasin has been highly extracted in the production of the material, and the surface is then subjected to grinding, mirroring, electroplating and the like.

The price of stainless steel wash basins will be more expensive, like the price of 1300 yuan for the 304 stainless steel hanging bathroom vanity basins like the Kaiying. Like SUS304 stainless steel double troughs price about 720 yuan. Such as medical stainless steel sensor splash washbasin price is about 3800 yuan.

Although the stainless steel washbasin is easy to use, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and usage methods in daily use. If the sink is used improperly, the surface of the stainless steel washbasin is prone to rust, mold, etc., mainly because the stainless steel sink is not cleaned enough after use. Thoroughly, the surface is covered with dirt. This phenomenon may occur after a long time. Therefore, you must clean the stainless steel wash basin after use.

The reason why stainless steel washbasin is loved by people is not only because it is easy to clean, it is not easy to rust and so on, but also because it gives a sense of fashion, especially with some metal accessories. Can create a modern trait, is nowadays young family favorite wash basin selection.

Second, what should pay attention to when installing

1. When installing, pay attention to the drainage plug overflow hole to be aligned with the stainless steel overflow basin overflow hole, so as to ensure that the overflow part is the smooth drainage.

2. The selection of bracket fixing bolts is also very important. You must select metal expansion bolts or opening bolts that cannot be smaller than 6mm galvanized. If the installation wall is made of perforated bricks, then you cannot use expansion bolts.

3. If the depth of the stainless steel washbasin is relatively high, consider installing a faucet with a strong flow of water. The relationship between them should be proportional. If the water flow is strong and the sink is not deep enough, the water will splash on the body.

4, stainless steel sink installation height should also pay attention to, the surface of the pool or the surface of this table from the ground at least 80-85cm or so, so as to meet the ergonomics, too inconvenient to use, too short to use easily back pain.

Editor's Note: The above is about stainless steel wash basins and what to pay attention to when installing, I hope the contents of Xiao Bian can let everyone know more about stainless steel wash basins. If you want to learn more about decoration, you can pay attention to our website information.

Stainless steel wash basin

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