Radiator installation method Benefits of the radiator

Radiators are used more in the northeast, and people say that the radiator refers to the plumbing, is the use of boiler heating cycle, connected to the radiator through the pipe, and finally through the radiator to the appropriate temperature output, forming the indoor temperature difference, and finally Thermal cycling is performed so that the entire room temperature rises evenly. The following small series introduces the radiator installation method and the advantages of the radiator.

Radiator installation method

1. Open the package and verify that the radiator model, color, and proximity are complete.

2. Do not install inlet valve and outlet valve to save money.

3, according to the installation plan to modify the pipeline.

4. Conduct pressure test, close the main valve, and open the radiator inlet valve for pressure test. The test pressure is 1.5 times the normal use pressure. It should not be less than the test pressure of the entire community network.

5, the radiator should be fixed and flat, ensure that the radiator is horizontal and vertical, and the connecting parts of the pipe and the radiator are accurately connected.

6, in the installation process, do not open the inner protective film, to avoid damage or scratch the paint film.

Radiator mounting position

1, should be low should not be high principle

Radiator installation location should not be too high, because heat is emitted from the radiator, so when choosing the location, consider the problem of convection and the problem of heating the cold air. General radiators are installed under the windowsill. Because the heating is close to the ground, it can convect the indoor air, keep the room temperature in balance, and heat the air that is drilled through the window seams to prevent cold.

2. The principle of lower windows

Radiators are best installed under windows, which not only saves space, but also effectively blocks the discomfort caused by cold air entering.

Radiator advantages

1. If the radiator is a heatsink, it can have a cooling effect, so that the efficiency can be about 30 percent higher than that of a normal radiator;

2, Radiator heat stability, high efficiency, long service life;

3, radiators cost-effective, style, style, variety and variety of consumer choices;

4. The radiator is easy to install and easy to use. It can maintain a constant temperature and give the user enjoyment of quality life.

Editor's summary: The radiator installation method and the advantages of the radiator are introduced here. I hope to be helpful to everyone. I would like to know more about the website and information.

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