China Consumers Association Consumer Alert: Occurrence of Children's Toy Injury should be reported

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The China Consumers Association recently invited the experts of the National Toys Standardization Committee Secretariat to analyze and comb the damage caused by common “dangerous toys” in recent years. The most common dangerous toy injuries are mechanical and physical injuries, chemical damage, and misuse. Damage caused by toy products.

Specifically, the following aspects are more prominent:

One is

Small toy parts are easy to fall off and there is danger of swallowing and suffocation

In some unqualified toys, small buttons, marbles, and other accessories that are easily detached are easily swallowed or stuffed into the nostrils by young children, posing a risk of swallowing foreign bodies and suffocation. If it is a small part with magnetic material, it will bring further harm once it is eaten.

two is

Toys have dangerous sharp edges and there is a risk of piercing

The surface of some inferior toys has metal sharp edges, protruding sharp points, rough burrs and other protrusions, or the toy structure is fragile and forms sharp small parts and it is very easy to stab children.

The third is

Toys use inferior materials and there is a danger of chemical contamination

There are dangerous toys that are chemically contaminated, common stuffed toys that use unsterilized waste materials as fillers, colorful colored clay, dolls made of poor quality plastics, etc., and their sanitary conditions and the migration of chemical harmful substances are all to children. Health poses a potential danger.

For example, the crystal mud that was exposed in the previous period was sold in many small shops around the school. It was popular with primary school students for its vivid colors and low prices. Some of them contain more than a certain amount of borax. After the child's mouth and skin come into contact with the body, chronic poisoning may occur, causing potential safety problems.

Four is

Non- toy products are misused as toys, resulting in injury

Children naturally love to use objects in their daily lives as toys. The improper use of such items hides great dangers. For example, children's misuse of the "laser pen" leads to loss of vision, which is a typical example.

There is also a typical case of misuse is the common water wizard in the family, also known as the marine baby, large beads, absorbent bombs. It is a kind of pearl-shaped water-absorbent resin, because it has the function of water absorption and water retention, and is widely used in pot water conservation, interior decoration and so on. Due to its shape, color, and volume, children may be mistaken for food, causing children to swallow or inhale. After entering the respiratory tract, the water elves swell and swell, possibly blocking the respiratory tract and causing suffocation . After entering the digestive tract, the water expands, causing intestinal obstruction and intestinal dilatation. It may cause secondary infections, water and electrolyte disturbances, and even intestinal perforation and intestinal necrosis. Life is at risk at all times. In addition, cases of injuries indicate that when a child plays with a water elf, a piece of water elves clings to a finger and when rubbing his eyes with his hands, fragments of the water elves scratch the eyeballs, causing crystal infections that may cause blindness. There have been many similar injuries in the country. Some merchants use this feature to sell the toy as a toy. Some of the catapult toys use water wizards as projectiles. They are also called water bombs and soft ball bullets. They may cause suffocation damage if they are shot into children's throats. .

The fifth is

Failure to purchase and use toys in accordance with the toy’s age of application may result in risk

GB 6675-2014 Toy Safety Part 1 : Basic Regulations imposes mandatory regulations on the marking and description of toys for children under 14 years of age, requiring obvious identification and description of the use of toys and age of use. Children of the age group have very different physical development and cognitive abilities, and violations of applicable age restrictions may pose a threat to the child's safety.

For the above problems in the consumption of toys, the Consumers Association of China makes the following warnings to consumers:

One is

Firmly not buying toys without factory name, site, or 3C certification mark

When consumers purchase toys, they must actively check whether the product specification and product identification are complete, including the manufacturer's name, address, product name, model number, safety warning language, applicable standards, and certification mark. Choose the right product based on your age. Try to purchase toys through large shopping malls and reputable merchants. Do not buy "three nos" products in the small commodity market, bazaars, and online shops.

two is

Buy toys that may have small parts that can easily fall off with care

Avoid buying parts that are easily scattered, have small magnetic parts, sharp metal edges, rough burrs, etc. In particular, children under the age of 3 should not be allowed to play toys containing small magnetic parts to prevent children from swallowing or inhaling magnetic parts. Even for children older than 3 years and 3 years old (8 -year-old experimental toys with magnetic functions, not magnetic components. ) When the children above are playing with such toys, parents should carefully read the relevant warning instructions and do a good job. Guardianship and necessary reminders.

The third is

Improve safety awareness and prevent accidents

Many children's accidental injuries are often due to the guardian's negligence, and children under 3 years of age should be particularly vigilant about the risk of eating foreign food and suffocation, and avoid giving children toys that are not suitable for children's age. Be alert to children's use of non-toy items, such as laser pointers, toothpicks, water wizards, and other easy-to-obtain items. Do a good job of supervision and precautions to avoid accidents.

Four is

Injury occurred in a timely manner

The guardian discovers that the child swallows or inhales small magnetic parts, or the child experiences sudden abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other clinical symptoms of suspected ingestion of small magnetic parts. He should immediately seek medical treatment. In the accidents that occurred, some children showed only suspected flu symptoms in the early stages of ingestion of small magnetic parts, which may cause misdiagnosis and delay treatment, causing serious harm to children.

The fifth is

Toy injury accidents should be reported

China has implemented a toy recall system. It is recommended that consumers discover toy safety risks or injury accidents, and actively report it to the Defective Product Management Center of the State Market Supervision and Administration Bureau to prevent the expansion of harm.

Six is

Request and save rights vouchers

Consumers should ask the operator for invoices or other shopping vouchers as an important evidence of their future rights protection.

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