Why can some fires not be saved by water?

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Water and fire are incompatible. When a fire is encountered, people naturally think of using water to save. However, some fires cannot be saved by water.

High-voltage electrical equipment fire High-voltage electrical equipment Misfiring, in the absence of a well-grounded device or without cutting off the power supply, can not be saved with water. First, because the water is conductive, the high-voltage current will cause people who splash water along the water column to get an electric shock, so that the charged area will be expanded to the point where the water arrives. This will cause people who come in contact with the water to get an electric shock. Second, it will easily cause short-circuit burning of electrical equipment and cause greater damage. Fire and loss.

Household appliances fire water and foam fire extinguishing agent can be conductive, when the computer, television, washing machine and other household appliances on fire, can not be used to save water or foam fire extinguishing agent, otherwise it will cause personnel electric shock death, should immediately unplug the power plug, use dry powder Fire extinguisher to save. If there is no dry powder fire extinguisher, it should be quickly covered with a wet carpet or wet cotton quilt, etc., with the power plug unplugged, and the air will be isolated from the fire and the fire will be extinguished. It is also important to note that water must not be splashed into the fire-fighting appliances, nor can the power outlets and power strips be wetted to avoid electric shocks. The sudden drop in the temperature of computer monitors and televisions will cause explosions. Therefore, the quilts and other things that are covered during fire extinguishing cannot be too wet, and they must also pay attention to self-protection. When the oil pan catches fire, it must not be poured with water. Because the hot oil will form a "fried pan" when it encounters water, the oil fire will splash everywhere and the oil will float on the surface and continue to burn. The correct way to save is to quickly close the lid and isolate it from the air, or pour the cut vegetables into the pot along the side of the pot, cool the temperature, separate the air, and extinguish the fire. If you are using gas, turn off the heat immediately after putting on the lid or pouring it into the dish.

Gasoline burns at a lower density than water. If petrol is used to fight water, dense water sinks, low density petrol floats, and floats on the water.

Gasoline will continue to burn, and it will make the burning more intense and the fire more powerful. And gasoline will spread with the water, expand the burning area, endanger the safety of other goods and surrounding buildings. In the event of a petrol fire, fire extinguishers such as foam and dry powder fire extinguishers should be used immediately. Water use is strictly prohibited.

Alkali metal because of water and alkali metals, such as sodium, etc., can make the water decomposition and generate hydrogen, and release a lot of heat, it can easily cause an explosion.

Chemical dangerous goods in school laboratories often contain hydrochloric acid; alkali metal potassium, sodium, lithium, flammable metal aluminum powder, magnesium powder and other chemical test supplies. When they encounter water, they are prone to react or burn, and they must not be saved by water.

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