Safety knowledge in the use of submersible pumps

Submersible pumps in the use of the process need to pay attention to what security common sense, on such issues, the small series of the Yufu Pump industry through the article to conduct a detailed introduction, hope that the article can be read, for a deeper understanding of the submersible pump.
1. The submersible pump should be first put in a sturdy basket and then put into water. It can also set up a strong protective fence around the pump in the water. The pump should stand upright in water. The water depth must not exceed 0.5m and it must not be used in water containing sediment.
2. When the submersible pump is put into the water or raises the water surface, the power supply should be cut off first. It is forbidden to pull the cable or outlet pipe.
3, submersible pumps should be installed to protect the zero and leakage protection devices, work within 30m around the pump surface, no one can enter the livestock.
4. The change of water level should be observed frequently. The center-to-horizon distance of the impeller should be between 0.5 and 3.0m. The pump body must not sink into the sludge or expose the water. The cable must not be rubbed against the wall of the well or the wall of the tank.
5. The insulation resistance of the stator winding of the motor should be measured once a week, and its value should not fall.
The above is about submersible pump use safety knowledge. If a customer wants to consult the submersible pump products of Youfu Pumps, you can search for Yufu Pumps and enter the online customer service consulting. The customer will answer your questions about the use of submersible pumps according to your requirements. problem.
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