How to operate the explosion-proof distribution box and safety

There are many fields that use explosion-proof distribution boxes for a long time, but some people do not use explosion-proof distribution boxes, so there are many cases of failures. So come today to talk about the technical measures of the explosion-proof distribution box.
Explosion-proof distribution box must be rainproof and dustproof. The electrical equipment in explosion-proof distribution boxes and switch boxes must be reliable and intact, and the use of damaged and unqualified electrical explosion-proof distribution boxes must not be used. Should be based on the total explosion-proof distribution box - sub-explosive distribution box - switch box classification settings, the implementation of secondary leakage protection. Explosion-proof distribution box, switch box inlet and outlet lines shall not be subjected to external forces, is strictly prohibited and metal sharp fracture and strong corrosive medium contact. There is a safety distance between the internal electrical equipment. The rubber outside the wire will change its service life in different use environments. Therefore, if any abnormality is found, the replacement will be replaced and the maintenance will be maintained.
All construction personnel establish a policy of “safety first, prevention first”, organize all employees to learn the rules and regulations for safe production of all types of work, and improve the quality awareness of “safe construction” for all employees. Do a good job in the safety construction of construction projects, improve the safety facilities at the construction site, do a good job of on-site safety management, and strive to achieve the goal of safe production without death in this project.
Also do a good job of usual maintenance, some places dust, air humidity and other factors are deviated from the value of the explosion-proof distribution box, which can only rely on more than usual.
The above stated the safe operation measures of the explosion-proof distribution box. Here's what is the explosion-proof distribution box
1. What is the so-called explosion protection principle of the explosion-proof distribution box?
It is an explosion-proof measure that uses dielectric isolation.
2. What is the explosion-proof measure of media isolation?
Put the electricity used by the customer in a cabinet full of positive pressure clean gas, so that the mixture of gas that is easy to burn and explode in the outside environment can not touch the spark generated when the component is in formal operation, so as to achieve the purpose of explosion protection.
3, explosion-proof distribution box has any characteristics?
It is cast from aluminum alloy, electrostatically sprayed on the surface, and has a beautiful appearance; it is modularly designed and can be assembled freely; it has a high-section small-sized escape circuit breaker, which can be achieved by manipulating the arm outside the body. Combination; It contains overload and short-circuit phase loss and leakage protection; wiring and more; can be customized according to customer needs

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