List of new standards for Chinese scrap steel countries

Compared with GB/T4223-1996, the new standard has been modified as follows: - The definition of scrap steel for recycling and related content have been removed: the maximum size and maximum weight of scrap steel parts have been specified; - 4 of the original standard has been eliminated. Terms, added 6 terms and definitions; - changed the classification of scrap iron, based on the chemical composition and dimensions of scrap iron, divided scrap iron into 3 categories and 4 varieties; - changed the classification of scrap steel , proposed new dimensions and single weight and corresponding acceptance conditions, and divided the scrap into heavy scrap, medium-sized scrap, small scrap, uniform scrap, and light-duty scrap; The original standard of 5 steels and 67 steel groups, merged and simplified into 46 steels and 46 steel groups, and adjusted to an informative appendix; - reduced the content of S and P in scrap, from the original standard of 0.080 %, changed to 0.050%; - increased the requirements for the classification of scrap steel; - increased requirements for environmental control, radioactive material control, etc., increased part of the inspection project and test methods. The new standard will abolish GB/T4223-1996 "Waste Steel" from the date of implementation.

Drafted by Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Metallurgical Industry Information Standards Institute, Sichuan Investment Great Wall Special Steel Co., Ltd., Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Benxi Iron and Steel Company, newly revised "Waste" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration The National Standard for Steel (GB4223-2004) was approved for release on May 20 this year and will be implemented on December 1 this year. The issuance of the new "Waste Steel" national standard marks that China's scrap steel industry has taken a new step in quality management, standardization management and integration with production, and in line with international standards.

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