Tips: What are the more important factors than price when choosing flame retardant clothing?

Choosing a qualified flame-retardant clothing is not only the most important price, but there are many areas that need attention. There are usually the following aspects:

1. The style of clothing: split or conjoined, there must be pictures, it is best to sample clothes, this is the most important;

2. Functional requirements of fabrics: functional clothing is mainly based on functions such as: flame retardant, anti-static, anti-oil and water repellent, anti-UV, anti-UV, etc. These requirements are standard and cannot be taken for granted if the function Problems occur on the other side, and they will be very different;

3. Physical indicators of the fabric: There are usually grammage, color, weaving method, yarn count, etc. These are also important factors in determining the clothing;

4. Requirements for Garment Accessories: There are special requirements for the production of special fire-retardant garments, such as accessories for sewing thread, zipper, and velcro, etc. The difference between ordinary and special prices is very large, and these factors also determine the clothing price.

The above several aspects are the key elements of a flame-retardant garment. Nantong Baojian Special Occupation Garment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of flame retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, anti-acid clothing and other special protective clothing. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate and purchase!

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