Diatom mud advantage of large exposure diatom mud How much money a square meter

I believe everyone is familiar with diatom mud. Before understanding the advantages of diatom mud, we first understand the knowledge of diatom mud. Perhaps most of the friends only know that diatom mud can be used as interior wall decoration materials. They are generally used for home decoration. Actually, diatom mud is also used in many public places, such as hospitals, restaurants, etc. Entertainment venues, etc. So, what is diatom mud? What are the advantages of diatom mud ? This is the confusion that many people are prepared to purchase diatom mud. But don't worry, today I will explain the advantages of diatom mud and other related knowledge for you!

What is diatom mud?

Diatomaceous earth + a variety of additives, diatomaceous earth as the main material, the preparation of dry powder coating material. It is the sediment after the death of pelagic organisms millions of years ago. After billions of years of accumulation and geology, it has transformed into diatomite.

Diatom mud application area

Wide range of applications, such as: family, kindergartens, hospitals, high-end restaurants, hotels, office buildings and other places.

Diatom mud advantages

First, clean air function

1) Adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde: After decoration of a new house, harmful substances are absorbed and eliminated by pores. The net is waiting for it every day, how much it releases and how much it breaks down.

2) Elimination of odor: Remove odor from life, such as fishy smell and body odor. Keep the air fresh.

3) Sterilization: Effectively kill the flu and germs.

4) Release negative ions and far-infrared rays: 471 negative oxygen ions per second per second are released and float in the air. Far-infrared rays help regulate the body's microcirculation and improve sleep quality.

Second, breathing and humidity

Respiratory humidity control is a basic function. When the room is wet, the pores will store moisture. When the air is dry, moisture will be released. Known as the “breathing wall”, the humidity is between 40-70 degrees and the body is comfortable. In addition, to ensure that the quilt, clothing will not be mildew.

Third, long life

Life is more than 20 years, does not fall off, always new. One-time investment, lifelong benefit. This shows that it is an excellent value for the interior wall materials.

Fourth, the wall self-cleaning

Natural minerals, no heavy metals, no static electricity, dirty to wipe off.

Fifth, sound absorption and noise reduction

The micro-holes can block the amount of noise, shorten the residual noise by 50%. For example: car whistle sound, pet's call and so on. Choosing diatom mud as a wall material greatly reduces noise.

VI. Thermal insulation

Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation, 6 times higher than mortar. Save energy and costs.

Seven, fire retardant

High temperature, no fire in case of fire, no toxic fumes.

Eight, soft colors (eye protection)

Absorbance, soft light, reduce myopia.

Diatom mud defects

One, not dirty

The color is elegant and the child easily leaves a variety of stains. It is said that the eraser can be erased but it does not work.

Second, can not scrub

It is nano-cellular and has high adsorption. Once it is wiped with water, it will not be clean. Therefore, do not scrub with water.

Third, not waterproof

Strong water absorption, not waterproof, can not be used in wet environments, such as: kitchen and bathroom.

Fourth, we must clean up frequently

Can absorb and decompose harmful substances, such as a long time does not clean, the color of the wall changes, so that the environment is dirty, so the walls need to be cleaned regularly.

Fifth, feel bad

It feels rough and bumpy. Diatom mud is a disadvantage for those who like to feel the touch.

Sixth, the color is not rich enough

Wallpapers are rich in color and shape, diatom mud texture monotonous, not rich enough.

Seven, hardness is not good

After all, it is mud, and the hardness cannot be compared. According to the report, poor quality diatom mud will fall into pieces and fall.

Eight, the price is more expensive

The price is high, 300 to 400 yuan / square meter, ordinary families will not choose this material.

How to distinguish the quality of diatom mud

First, look at the color. High quality diatom mud, soft color, with a mud surface effect. Inferior diatom mud is shiny, colorful and glare, and easy to decolorize after long-term use.

Second, try to feel. High quality diatom mud, delicate touch, fine workmanship, strong artistic. Bad diatom mud, rough and hard, texture stiffness, no beauty.

Third, look at water absorption. High quality diatom mud, porous, spray water on the wall, if the phenomenon of no water stains, mud, etc., is the real diatom mud. Inferior diatom mud, wall water spray, the wall water absorption is too small to repair. And emit irritating odors.

Diatom mud a square how much money

Because diatom mud brand and quality are different, the price is very different. Well-known brands are: Lanshe, Sichuan diatom mud, etc. The quality is guaranteed, the price is generally between 180 and 600 yuan, due to different construction and categories. The price is different. On the market, there are 50 yuan / flat, it is not recommended for everyone to use, but the quality of off, easy to cause secondary pollution.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is the diatom mud advantage of large-scale exposure of diatom mud is generally about a square meter of relevant knowledge, hope to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

Diatom mud advantages

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