Depth analysis of the development status and future prospects of PET bottles in China

For small and medium-sized enterprises with limited manpower and material resources, instead of using a large amount of manpower and material resources for the research and development of PET beer bottles, it is better to invest limited human and material resources in PET bottle packaging containers for daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food and condiment fields. R & D, in order to obtain better practical benefits. In polyester packaging containers, another product that deserves high attention in the industry is the aPET sheet thermoformed container mentioned above. It has the advantages of less one-time investment, less process difficulty, excellent product performance, low price and wide application. It has huge development space and should increase the development of aPET thermoforming containers.

China's polyester containers are currently mainly limited to biaxially stretched polyester blow molded bottles. China's two-way stretched polyester blow molding bottles started late in the plastic packaging industry, but since the introduction of the injection-blown PET bottle production line in Japan in the 1980s, it has achieved good results in beverage packaging represented by Coke. Subsequently, a large number of foreign advanced injection-blown PET bottle production equipment were introduced. At the same time, on the basis of digesting foreign advanced technology, a two-step PET stretch blow molding machine with independent intellectual property rights and suitable for China's national conditions was constructed. It is used in conjunction with a universal injection machine to blow PET preforms from PET preforms made from universal injection machines.

In the domestic two-step biaxial stretching PET bottle blowing machine, some models can not only produce ordinary PET biaxial stretching bottles, but also heat-resistant biaxially stretched PET bottles. The volume of products that can be produced basically covers the volume. Imported equipment can produce a wide range of fields from tens of milliliters vials to 5 gallon vats. These simple blow molding machines not only have the advantages of low cost and strong maneuverability, but also can produce high-quality two-way stretch PET blow bottles with good control, which has been widely recognized by the plastic processing industry at home and abroad. In addition to a large number of domestic use, it has been partially exported. Although there are gaps between these equipments and imported advanced equipment, such as low productivity, poor automation, and poor dimensional accuracy of the products, for some particularly demanding applications (such as packaging for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.) There are still some difficulties in application. In addition, the production equipment of multi-layer co-blow molded PET bottles has yet to be developed in China, but the development and utilization of the domestic two-step biaxial stretching PET bottle blowing machine has played an important role in promoting the rapid development of PET bottle production. .

At present, China's PET bottle manufacturers have the most advanced PET bottle production lines manufactured by well-known companies in the world (such as the automatic PET bottle production line of Japan aSB company, Qingmugu company, and the fully automatic PET bottle of France SEDEL company). The large-scale backbone enterprise of the production line and the automatic PET bottle production line of SIPa of Italy), at the same time, there are also a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises that use the simple and practical two-way PET bottle blowing machine of different automation degrees designed and manufactured by China. An unprecedented scene of glory and prosperity.

At present, the largest backbone enterprises in China's PET bottle production industry are Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang Group, which account for about 30% and 20% of the domestic PET bottle market share respectively. Zhuhai Zhongfu Group is the earliest PET bottle manufacturer approved by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. In 2001, the Group's PET bottle production reached 3.2 billion, including 700 million hot-filled, sales of 2.34 billion yuan, and more than 30 in various places. Home factory. Shanghai Zijiang Group has also developed rapidly in recent years. The number of holding companies located in various regions has grown to 15 and occupy markets in Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Changchun, Kunshan and Chengdu. The newly-built annual output of 120 million PET heats. The filling bottles have been put into production. In 2002, they invested in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing and other places. The production capacity of hot filling bottles reached 485 million.

At the same time as the rapid development of PET bottles, the production of bottle-grade PET resin in China has also developed rapidly. According to reports, in 1995, the amount of bottle-grade PET resin in China was 100,000 tons, of which domestic production was 60,000 tons. By 2000, the amount of bottle-grade PET resin in China was 520,000 tons, and the domestic production capacity has reached 500,000 tons. In addition to the rapid growth of quantity, the quality has also been greatly improved. The bottle-grade PET resins produced by Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Shanghai Far East, Changzhou Huayuan and other companies have been recognized by the Coca-Cola Company.

The mainstream products of domestic PET bottles are initially limited to packaging containers for beverages such as cola, mineral water and distilled water. The application has been widely welcomed by users for its excellent performance and reasonable price, and has been successfully applied in these beverage packagings. On the basis of this, PET bottles have been expanded in recent years in the application of heat-resistant bottled beverages such as black tea, green tea, fruit juice, edible oil, cosmetics, medicine, and pesticides. According to reports, in 1996, the output of PET bottles in China was 3 billion. In 1998, it increased to 5 billion. In 2000, it reached 8 billion. In 2001, 9 billion, in 2002, 10 billion, and in 2004, 13 billion. The largest increase in plastic packaging materials.

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