Method for controlling vegetable pests and diseases by pollution-free soil pesticide

First, the plant ash preparation is soaked with 10 kg of grass ash and 50 kg of water per acre for 24 hours, and the filtrate is sprayed to effectively control aphids and yellow stalks. For example, adding an appropriate amount of trichlorfon in the ash of the grass will enhance the killing and fumigation effect of the medicinal agent and improve the killing effect on the mites. The direct application of grass ash or ditch can not only prevent fly and increase production.

Second, the pig bile preparation with 10% of the pig bile plus appropriate amount of baking soda, washing powder, can prevent eggplant blight, pepper anthracnose, drive away cowpea, beans, melons on the aphids, cabbage caterpillars, snails and other pests. The diluted pesticide can remain inactive for 7 days.

Third, the pepper preparation takes 50 grams of fresh pepper, adds 2 kg of water, heats for 30 minutes, and takes the filtrate to spray, which can effectively control pests such as aphids, tigers, and red spiders. Add a small amount of water to the slag, add the water to the slag, add 3 times of water to mix the mixture, add a small amount of soap to stir and spray, and prevent the mites and red spiders.

4. Tobacco preparation 1 kg of tobacco is chopped with 10 kg of boiling water and covered with smoldering bubbles. When the water temperature drops to 25 ° C, the softened tobacco is repeatedly washed 3 times, and the tobacco water mixture is sprayed to prevent mites and blind mites. And pests such as fly.

5, ramie preparation with fresh ramie leaves 1 kg mashed, plus 3 times water filtration for foliar application, can control aphids, green worms, diamondback moths and other pests; with castor residue 5 kg plus water 20 kg soak for 24 hours, Spraying in the evening on a sunny day can effectively control pests such as fly, tiger, and cockroach.

Sixth, brown sugar preparation 500 grams of brown sugar into 1 kg of water, fully dissolved, add 10 grams of yeast, placed in a warm place, stirred once a day, fermentation for 20 to 25 days, take the filtrate and water 100 kg spray cucumber, can control cucumber bacteria Sexual spot disease and gray mold.

Seven, rabbit feces preparations add 1 kg of water per 1 kg of rabbit manure, sealed in a barrel for 20 days, stir evenly when used, poured in the roots of melons, can not only control the tigers but also fertilizers, killing two birds with one stone.

Eight, the leaf preparation will add 2 kg of fresh bitter leaves or skunk leaves after smashing, add 2 kg of water, take the filtrate and add 40 kg of water spray to control cabbage caterpillars, rapeseed meal, mites and so on.

Nine, urine-washing preparations with detergent powder, urea, water in a ratio of 1:4:400 to prepare a urine-washing preparation to control aphids, the efficacy is higher than chemical pesticides, but also the role of foliar topdressing.

Ten, onion and garlic preparation with garlic, onion each 20 grams, mixed with smashed, add 10 kg of water for 24 hours, take the filtrate spray can effectively prevent pests such as beetles, mites, red spiders.

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