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Many people plan to refurbish their new homes. However, choosing a decoration company is difficult. Said that the decoration of the water is very deep, the decoration company on the market so much, no experience of the owners who know how to decorate the company's reputation is better, which decoration company is vain. Want to find a real, design, construction are satisfied with their own cost-effective decoration company difficult! It's harder than blue sky! Do not panic, Xiao Bian today to take everyone to understand the Shanghai people decoration company. Now, let's take a look at Shanghai People's Decoration Company!

Shanghai people decoration company to the customer's renderings

Shanghai People's Decoration Company Profile

Shanghai People Decoration Co., Ltd. is a state-level building decoration enterprise invested by the Shanghai Building Materials Group Corporation. It entered the decoration industry in January 1996. With the overall strength and advantages of the Building Materials Group and the joint efforts of the “people”, after more than ten years of tempering, “people” has become a well-known brand enterprise in the domestic decoration industry.

"People" is the only company in the Shanghai decoration industry that won the Shanghai Civilized Unit and the only company that won the Shanghai Customer Satisfaction Service and the Shanghai Quality Management Award for the sixth consecutive year. It has won the Shanghai Famous Trademark Enterprise, the Shanghai Outstanding Service Trademark Enterprise, and the Shanghai Shou The contract re-credit and contract credit ratings are AAA-level enterprises, advanced service integrity units in Shanghai, green home environmental protection construction units in Shanghai, and advanced collectives in Shanghai's key project meritorious competitions; they have won numerous national awards and have been awarded the National Construction Project Decoration Award. National decoration industry "outstanding model" enterprise, national residential decoration industry famous brand enterprise, national residential decoration industry enterprise innovation award enterprise, national residential decoration industry AAAA grade credit enterprise, national building decoration industry advanced information construction unit, national green decoration construction demonstration Enterprises, the country's residential decoration industry quality service integrity enterprises and other honors.

User evaluation

What is the comment on the netizens of the Shanghai People’s Decoration Company? The comments come from the websites and forums of the major renovations. They are absolutely true and effective, and there are good reviews, and everyone weighs it!

ROUSEMEME: It has been good to see people decorating ads, but this design isn't very liked by myself. It may be a bit stubborn, but it's not always satisfactory. However, the service was very good and patient.

Kandinsky said : Because before the renovation of the house, but also looked at quite a number of interior design company, this has also seen, his family name is a little bit, but generally did not attract attention, and the price is a little expensive, the price is not Very high.

Huaq: The people’s decoration was heard very early. With his family’s well-known reputation abroad, he didn’t consider choosing his home for his wedding room decoration. Originally, he was confident to choose a big brand decoration company, and the price was too expensive. Still, there are problems everywhere, and the solution is unacceptable, but there is no way not to accept them. This is what the big brand companies are doing. It really gave a lesson. One month later than originally scheduled date, the decoration materials were all set in his house. When the key was installed on the floor, they were not notified to us and they installed themselves. The floor was like a big face. It is impossible to ask for a resumption. The wooden work at the entry porch was a mess, thinking that it was an old house that had lived for several years. Supervisors are all false and will not stand on the side of the consumer and do their best to speak up. Designed things, can not do what it should be, it is designed to do it! Simply change the name "Do not believe" to decorate it! !

Fiona_eason : Someone asked at the wedding show because the house is old and the room type is strange, so just ask it. A good attitude, a little girl, although it looks less experienced, but it will not pit you like veterans. But I think the price is too expensive.

Anshuoyun: This is a long time ago to see the relatives at home, so at that time was a relative when married to go to decorate a new house when the reputation is very loud, but also more suitable for the public but if there is a more unique style of individual may not necessarily find It is indeed very powerful to get the sales that you want, and you need to stay in a wait-and-see attitude. . .

Infighting _ Benming year for good luck: a hundred names squeaky, it is directed at this reputation, so set his home. The masters are still quite skilled. My dad was also engaged in decorating, so it became the head of the masters. With Dad, together with the masters of the people's decorating, the decoration of my house has not had any problems.

Mu Mu loves to travel: Dad said he wanted to choose this house, but I think the consultation is not cheap, ah, the amount of housing also have to pay a deposit of 500 yuan to say = = unlike other design companies are free housing, this is What is the difference between a regular company and a design studio? ORZ

Can the sun be far behind : The feeling of getting a name is still relatively close to the people. If you actually touch it down, you may think that we are a small apartment. The pre-quote price is OK, but the amount of money added in the later period is also a lot of oh, unknowingly add the price of this Ghana up. The general design, it should be said that decoration has always been a regretful art, always found in the decoration after such a lack of.

Unipet: Big companies are more confident ~ Relative quality is relatively guaranteed but the overall price still feels high ~ There is a feeling that their designers are not very idea designed to be more law-abiding ~ no surprises to consider Did not find them to decorate.

Yo-Yan: The brand's larger decorating company has a lot of chains, consulting prices is not very cheap. The main reason is that the service is still normal, and it may be relatively large. The smaller business is not worth a lot of attention. Some small decorating companies are very warm and help you design for free.

Zhai : The consultation was very enthusiastic. The designer asked in detail about the types of bearing walls that were used to help us correct the lack of room types. When talking about the budget, the attitude is also very good. However, a lot of money was added later.

YUKI_ I want to be a thin person : I do n't know if it's because of someone's introduction. It's all done well anyway! It is definitely a place where you are not satisfied with the decoration, and there is no way to decorate it. It is always a matter of regret... It is a polytunity that has just begun to lock in, but it is a pity that the cattle are very much and must be all inclusive! Those who talked to us did not say anything, and they were still old. We made a pack of fire, and we don't make you money!

Old-fart baby : The earliest thing to find is that Rongxin's home decoration can be expensive, and it is also a renovation of second-hand housing. So he found this house - the people, nice and somewhat intimate. In fact, the company transferred the project to an engineering team. Do you guarantee quality? ! Anyway, if you want to save money, you don’t want to spend time on it. Have not been renovated in the talk of design, Dad always jokingly said that "the people" use Shanghai dialect is just "fortunately eight lucky", but fortunately there is no misfortune.

The home was renovated in December last year. In March this year, the decoration team has opened its way to hahaha... The workers are all pretty good. Occasionally, they are a little tricky. For example, asking you to dismiss the money in disguise! Forget it... Comprehend Hooray! Hahaha who let me also love the renminbi...

Designers generally did not make any good suggestions.

The construction team is good and the masters are very responsible.

The aunt who manages the money does not normally show up, as long as he has a phone call to pay for it....

You can't pay for your credit card. It's very disgusting. Every time you run around with a few W of cash!

I love my family Chihuahua: The size of the people is not small. There is a fight with Poly. To the occasional effect chart, I also took quotes and impressions. They are very enthusiastic and will consider the issue from the perspective of the customer. Compared with other design companies, they are not inconsistent. Just find them.

Fox _ _ _ _ _ Lotus Creek picking daughter : sister home decorating company. It feels like it. When talking about the price, the attitude is very good. At the time of decorating, the attitude is just like. And the money for the later period is also a lot ~!

Raindrops 1203 : Prepare to renovate a new home. This is the hut I love with my husband. Because their fame wants to come and see. The overall feeling is general. The service staff is trying to sell them as much as possible when we propose to let them design something. I felt that I could use them. The service personnel told us that we had to design but we had to pay for the design fee. We fainted. We also consulted several interior design companies. People all agree to help design for free. It seems that the reputation is louder and louder. The worse the service, the more a bit of a big name.

ICE_BOX : The interior of the house is going to be renovated, so it's time to go there and look at things because it's basically all the things and materials for home decor design. There are many things.

Editor's comment: As a whole, Shanghai People's Decoration Company's reputation is still quite large, and large companies are large-scale. The overall construction quality should still be good, but the service may not be in place, and the price is higher.

As for the related content of Shanghai People's Decoration Company, Xiao Bian introduced it here. We can weigh the comments of netizens and combine their own actual situations to selectively learn about the Shanghai people decoration company. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message and we will answer your questions as soon as possible, or you can also visit our website below! For more information, please follow this site!

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