Articles to be built for interior wooden door construction

In the kitchen, bathroom, basement and other rooms with relatively high humidity, the door cover is forbidden to directly touch the ground. It is necessary to leave a gap of 2-3 mm, and then seal with glass glue to prevent the product from being deformed by moisture. The sleeve line fixed on the sleeve plate should be as close as possible to the wall. Because the wall is not vertical or the thickness is uneven, the door sleeve line has a gap with the wall. The gap needs to be closed with a sealant.

Experts remind home improvement owners, if the wall is a wallpaper, you must choose neutral glue instead of ordinary glue. Evenly apply waterproof glue on the contact part of the door sleeve line and the wall surface, so that the door sleeve line and the wall body are firmly combined. If the waterproof glue is exposed, it should be removed in time. In addition, “the door and back panel of the kitchen and bathroom should be waterproof and anti-corrosive to avoid the discoloration of the moisture after the door line is absorbed, and the peeling and mildew deformation of the patent leather.”

In the construction process, home improvement owners will also have some misunderstandings, such as the gap between the door panel and the wall, generally using foam glue. Many home improvement owners thought that they should be rigorously and full of all gaps. However, experts say that in fact, as long as the real and the real can be, generally need a gap of 5 cm to facilitate the longitudinal expansion of the foam and ventilation and curing. Because the foam rubber is elastic and malleable, if it is too tight, the door cover will be pushed out and the wall will not bond tightly. The door cover will be curved and the door will not close.

Name: metal fan guard grill cover for Industrial fan guard
Size: 20"/24"/26"/30", Wires diameter is 2.0mm/3.0mm after painted.or as customer request.
Color: Black ,silver,chrome and any other
1.  Q195/H1008
2. stainless steel.201/304
1.Metal Powdered coating
2. Stainless steel is polish
Usage:  As fan guard or finger guard for hood of blower,air condition,electric engine etc.
Technology: Our Fan Guard is made of mild steel wire Q235 or Stainless Steel Wire SS304 through cutting,rolling,bending and welding.
Finish: Chrome Plated, Nickel Plated, Electrolytic polishing,Galvanized,PVC coated.
Specification: space between wire: 60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,100mm,120mm,150mm or as the customer`s drawing.
Characteristic: Various style,beautiful and practical, firm welding,corrosion resistance,durable service.
Purpose: As fan guard or finger guard for hood of blower,air condition,electric engine etc.

Welded Fan Cover

Welded Fan Cover,Galvanized Fan Cover,Fan Guard Net Cover,Pvc Coated Fan Cover

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