Old Modi Recycling Can Change Labor Gloves

Baibu Ting has a “goods back treasure” circular supermarket, which specializes in recycling cotton, linen, chemical fiber, woolen cloth and other clothing. According to Chen Ming, the person in charge of the company, the technology for recycling and recycling of used clothes is not new in the country. Some enterprises in Shenzhen and Zhejiang have already had relevant companies. However, in the past, only recycling materials from the textile mills were reclaimed in recent years. In the community, old clothes are recycled to produce recycled cotton and recycled pellets. After drawing and expanding cotton, they become the raw material of the textile mill.

“General cotton and chemical fiber can be recycled twice. After the first recycling, it can be made into non-woven fabrics and labor protection gloves. The second recycling can only be used as a foundation fabric for highways and agricultural greenhouses.”

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