Pavegen Energy Recovery Floor Tiles: Power from pedestrians

Pavegen Energy Recycling Tiles: Power by Pedestrians

The concept of environmental protection and low carbon has penetrated into every corner of the world. The use of recyclable and renewable energy has become a necessary design direction for every energy designer in the future. Recently, Ken Moffat, an energy designer in the United Kingdom, has developed an energy recovery system. It can provide pedestrians with electricity, so that the lights in the tiles shine, it is amazing.

This design concept makes full use of the power of the human footsteps and relies on this principle to convert the power of the footsteps into electrical energy. According to the designer, “We have incorporated this very great concept into the lighting project of bricks and tiled the streets into the bustling streets. This will save the whole world a lot of electricity.” The project is currently on the Kickstarter website. Capital, and has already obtained a lot of fundraising. The project team Pavegen said, "If this fundraising is successful, we can apply this great invention to the world and change our world, so that every corner of the world is full of light."

Analysts said that if the "Pavegen Floor Tile" can be successfully listed, it will become a key research project for renewable energy. The future may be applied to a broader field to facilitate the grand plan of sustainable development.

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