County town water pumping station design and construction precautions

Abstract: In design and construction of pumping station, it is easy to neglect the problems of shape, collocation, protection, ventilation, voice and instrument of the pump, resulting in improper design, construction rework or inconvenience to operation and maintenance. Precautions. Key words: pumping station design (A) Preface County water plant in the pump station design and construction of the pump head, pressure, flow and pumping station layout and diameter calculation of the foundation are generally more attention, and in some technical issues , Often easy to neglect, resulting in poor design, construction rework, or on-site operation and maintenance to bring a lot of inconvenience. The author based on nearly 20 years of experience in design and construction experience, talk about a few design and construction considerations for colleagues who are positive. (B) a few suggestions 2.1 County water plant in the planning and design and put into operation after the actual water production (water demand) difference is great. Therefore, the choice of the pump head generally larger, thus resulting in early investment can only rely on small water gate to increase export pressure and reduce the amount of water, especially at night. Leading to pump operating parameters often deviate from the high efficiency area, a great waste of energy. The pump station is generally equipped with 4 pumps (2 with 2 prepared) recommended the use of two models, these two models of pumps, head to close, the flow ratio of about 2: 3, which is conducive to operation based on load size, flexible adjustment, no matter How the flow changes, can always run through the pump, so that the flow of continuous increase and decrease. 2.2 Pumping Station built semi-underground type, mainly to reduce noise, is conducive to the pipeline layout and water pump, but the design and construction to consider the floor water problem, because the pump is running, the pump shaft seal must maintain a small amount of drip to Lubrication and cooling shaft seal, water pump in the minor repair, overhaul will inevitably have water flow to the floor, and usually flushing water, etc., so in the design and construction should pay attention to slope grade requirements, and consider the corresponding drainage trench or Puddle. 2.3 water pump running at high speed water temperature is generally between 20-40 degrees, the indoor temperature is often higher than the outdoors, the winter is not a problem. A summer, pump room, such as steamer general, maintenance, operation impatient. Poor ventilation is not conducive to the stable operation of the motor, coupled with semi-underground pumping station building design in order to make uniform outside uniform design of the flat open the window, the result in order to open the window, climb the stairs to move to move very inconvenient, causing pumping station windows As nothing, for many years no one opens. Therefore, the design should be made into the window or set to open the window walkway to facilitate window ventilation. 2.4 Pumping duty room is generally designed to be integrated with the pump station, in order to facilitate the operation and daily observation. Pumping stations, especially large-scale pumps, generally have a lot of noise during operation. There is only one window between the duty room and the pumping station. Therefore, we should fully consider the design and construction, and take measures to reduce the impact of pump noise on the duty room if possible Room door should not open directly to the pumping station, observation window to be made of double-insulated windows and so on. 2.5 Pump in Yang Cheng smaller case (geometric head less than 10 meters) It is recommended not to set the check valve in the outlet pipe, because of a sudden power failure when the water cut accident, the head is not very high, usually can not pump high-speed rotation. Remove or do not install check valve, usually can save electricity, power outages, when the water is more conducive to prevent water hammer accidents. 2.6 In order to ensure the quality of the pump installation, the general equipment is fixed on the foundation, all need to leave a 50mm thick secondary grouting layer, but some design drawings are not explained, civil engineering to do the basic one-step, it may cause trouble to the installation and construction. The pump is rarely equipped with a general protective cover, especially large pumps, designed and configured pump shield before installation and commissioning, is very important to the safety of production. 2.7 pipes, gates, pumps, and ancillary equipment rinse what color of paint, many designers often do not specify this design and construction plans do not make much, in fact, pipelines, valves, pumps, brackets, railings, ladders, ancillary Equipment and other paint colors to coordinate with, so that in the test commissioning gives a feeling of beauty. 2.8 Some designers in the county town water pumping station design, due to small size, investment to save the water distribution wells are often ignored. And into the suction pipe, put into operation early, two, three pumps share a suction pipe run still, when the water supply to expand the scale, seven, eight pumps share a suction pipe, it often happens to grab the water out of the water and so on Affected the normal water supply. 2.9 Select the instrument must consider its reliability, practicality, manufacturers credibility and after-sales service. In recent years, many domestic and international automation instrumentation manufacturers, we must study more, especially to the use of units to examine the use of results, after-sales service. In the installation of instruments to be fully considered before and after the necessary straight line guarantee, otherwise it will affect the accuracy. Installation and commissioning to be extra careful, first get through the instrumentation instructions and performance, precautions, must not be carefully caused damage to instrumentation. 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