Increasing distance chain pumping unit to improve pump efficiency, energy saving effect is remarkable

Recently, Henan Oil Field Xia Ermen Oilfield in T4-2127 well, T4-2119 wells in two heavy oil wells with the introduction of the newly introduced range-type chain pumping unit, energy-saving effect is significant, compared with the same parameters of ordinary models , The Japanese electricity doubled. Incremental distance chain pumping unit belongs to the field of oil production machinery, is a long stroke low sprint type, the effective stroke of up to 5 meters, long-stroke operation to improve pump efficiency, reduce stroke loss, increase pumping rate, low motor power, minimum 17 kW Hour, energy-saving effect is obvious. The former pumping unit used in this mine belongs to the short stroke high sprint type. Due to the heavy viscosity of the heavy oil and the increase of the stroke load, it is easy to cause disconnection of the well card and even the polished rod, shortening the service life of the pumping unit and resulting in energy waste. In response to these drawbacks, after technician argument analysis, Xia Ermen Oil Mine decided to try out the double-headed chain pumping unit in T4-2127 well and T4-2119 well to achieve the expected results.

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