The ideal bearing material for pumps: Polymer bearings

British igus recently published a white paper, this whitepaper details the polymer bearing material used in the field of pumps is ideal. Technical information shows that poly-L-lactic acid Iglidur sliding bearings can directly replace the standard stone or carbon element method. For several years Igus has been studying polymer bearings for this particular area of ​​pumps, and is now well placed to announce the discovery. Practical tests show that the use of poly-L-lactic acid IglidurUW500 in the pump industry is feasible. And the report on this finding is public. The company has long been known for supplying Iglidur X and Iglidur H370, two materials for turning. In 2003, the Iglidur UW was finally brought to market through extensive testing. Due to the fact that Iglidur UW does not allow prolonged use at temperatures above 90 ° C, this product has a narrow application range. With the development of the Iglidur UW500, a breakthrough has also been made in terms of temperature.

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