Floor heating installation precautions

1. We must find a construction team with floor heating expertise, three floors, and seven installations. The effect of amateur decoration on saving is obvious.

2. The sealing of the floor heating system must be checked before paving.

3. The ground must be dry (can be judged by experimental phenomena) The moisture content of the cement floor should be less than 1.5%. The indoor humidity should not be too large. Regardless of whether there is geothermal heating or not, the ambient humidity is preferably about 60 degrees before and after the device.

4. It is strictly forbidden to nail on the ground during construction. After construction, the ground is also prohibited from nailing to prevent damage to the heating coil.

5. Before laying laminate flooring, apply EPE composite membrane (EPE composite membrane must be marked with special words for floor heating) to isolate moisture, so that moisture can be released from the surrounding skirting board.

6. The keel should not be laid. The small thermal conductivity of air will affect the cooling effect and may damage the pipe.

7. When the floor is laid, special floor heating glue must be used to increase the time and effect of use. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the emission of harmful gases.

8. Leave expansion joints between the floor and the wall and use a skirting board that is thicker than the current floor.

9. Pave the floor and the equipment skirting board in two separate constructions. 48 hours after laying the floor, until the glue is completely dry, remove the fastener and then do the skirting board.

10. The floor will only warm up after 24 hours of installation.

Flooring interior decoration cement heating

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