The correct use of thermal pumps

After the heat-conducting oil pump and the pipe are installed, whether it be the use of water pressure, air pressure, heat pump inlet and outlet valves must be closed before pressure test to prevent damage to seals, resulting in oil spills. 1. Power on preparation (1) Clean up the site, unscrew the bearing screws, add thermal oil as lubricant. (2) Hand-moving coupling pump should be flexible. (3) Pump filled, to get rid of the heat transfer oil pump air, then spit out the pipe valve on the gate should be closed. (4) The heat transfer oil in the car before the uniform heating, preheating is the use of the heat transfer oil is continuously passed through the pump body Preheat standard: Heat pump casing temperature not lower than the inlet oil temperature 40 ℃, preheat speed of 50 ℃ /, warm-up pump should be on the side legs on the nut loose 0.3-0.5 mm, After the warm-up should be tightened. (2) Turn on the power, when the heat transfer oil pump reaches positive speed, and the instrument shows a considerable pressure, gradually open the gate valve on the output pipe, and adjust to the need conditions. (3) After 3-4 hours operation for the first time, turn off the heat transfer oil pump after the equipment is heated to the operating temperature, and check the connection between the heat transfer oil pump shaft and the motor Concentricity of the shaft, shaft and motor shaft deviation should be controlled within the allowable range, the pump shaft rotation should be lightweight and flexible and vibration-free rotation, if not meet the above requirements, should be re-adjusted. During the process, always pay attention to the motive power readings and vibration conditions, the vibration value does not exceed 0.6 mm, if the abnormal shutdown should be checked.

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