User experience in preparation for renovation

Buying a house is a very pleasing thing, and it's also a big event in life. However, many homebuyers tend to sneak a few things from purchasing, decorating, and staying. I'm one of them.
Because I really do not understand the decoration, so many things are confused, so in the article I only said that I have problems in the decoration, the other can refer to other friends of the relevant articles. Said earlier, I own The decoration of professional knowledge is not very clear, so the written text may have a lot of terminology inaccurate, hope "install friends" Haihan.
Today is the preparatory part of the renovation.

First, home inspection <br>Inspection is one of the most important matters in all purchase notices, but I still don't pay attention. So no matter what kind of reasons the sales staff say they can't get the keys, do not control the sales staff when we inspect the house. How often are you urging?

Second, the verbal promise of the salesman <br>No matter how good the promise, please ask him or her to write the promise on the paper and seal it to be valid. My house is a 2+1 room type (a house has two The real estate license, two entrances to the house, has a serious door-to-door condition. After we know that, the sales lady verbally promises that the developer will resolve the issue within one month, but after the payment of the room payment, the sales lady evaporates, and of course the problem is also No solution. After preparing to solve this problem in the decoration, in the submission of the renovation application to the property, the defendant's two doors in front of the public access can not be changed.

Third, the decoration design to think twice <br> This involves more things. I only say that I made a mistake.
1. Play walls and play slots before you think about it.
Because the construction was not enough, the construction was started and the wall was scarred. The width of the groove was also too wide. The place where only one pipeline was needed was to create space for four pipelines. A lot of cement, some houses in the construction did not leave a good line at the bottom of the building, after the renovation to get their own trunking, wire trunking when the idea is not to cut off the roof of the steel, or else it will be quite troublesome.
The owners who like to watch the movie remember to lay trunks for the 5.1 speakers when playing the trunking, otherwise the days when the floor is covered by the line can be difficult.
2. Pipeline
Wiring remember strong and weak electricity separate wiring now, strong and weak wires outside the pipe, so some electrician masters believe that there will be no interference, when the wiring is very casual. In fact, this is wrong, most of the time in the wiring Strong electric tube put aside, weak electric tube put aside.
There is nothing to be said about the cabling method if the decoration company is doing the renovation in an all-inclusive way. The formal decoration company has beautiful cabling and almost all walks along the wall line. But for the owners who have insufficient funds, (For example, I) or to find someone cheaper. The electrician who asks himself to have this wiring is pulled straight to pull, the benefit is to save material, the disadvantage is that the alignment does not look good.
By the way, remember to take a picture with the camera or draw it on the drawing after finishing the line, otherwise it would be easy to hit the line pipe if you want to lay nails on the floor.

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