How to manage Chinese herbal medicine lily? Management method of Chinese herbal medicine lily

Management method of Chinese herbal medicine lily:

After cultivating and weeding, the lily will be germinated in the spring of the next year. In the middle of the growth period, the lily will be irrigated and weeded for 1~2 times, and the soil will be cultivated to prevent the bulbs from being exposed and the scales turning green, which will affect the root growth.

Topdressing and weeding, when the spring lily is germinated and the bacteria height is 13~16 cm, each fertilize once, using human waste water or urea. Urea application should be applied in a ditch to avoid reaching the bulb. Apply fertilizer once 40 to 50 days before harvesting. During the planting of the lily, the soil should not be dried too much and the soil layer should be too high. Therefore, it can be combined with irrigation and top dressing in the summer. After watering, the grass is laid in the grass to effectively prevent evaporation of water and prevent the soil temperature from rising.

Go to squatting, topping, and controlling. After germination in spring, choose one of the strong seedlings, and the rest should be removed to avoid bulb division. The summer flower buds begin to expand, and the flower buds should be removed in time. In order to prevent flowering and stems and leaves from being too prosperous, it is possible to promote the transmembrane signal conversion of plant cells by promoting the assimilation of the flower king No. 3, forcing the toppings to vigorously return a large amount of nutrients, and the inertia advantage of the tip is rapidly weakened to the capping situation.

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