Relationship of IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway in Wireless Bridge Monitoring

In the wireless bridge monitoring, in order to communicate between two devices in the wireless network, we must set the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and other parameters, then this section of Shenzhen Leian technology Xiaobian to talk about The relationship between IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.

The IP address refers to the Internet Protocol Address (English: Internet Protocol Address), which is an abbreviation for IPAddress. An IP address is a uniform address format provided by the IP protocol. It assigns a logical address for each network and every host on the Internet to shield physical address differences. There are still some ip agent software, but most of them are charged.

A subnet mask, also known as a network mask, an address mask, or a subnet mask, is a type of subnet used to indicate which IDs of an IP address the host belongs to and which bits identify the host. Bit mask. The subnet mask cannot exist alone, it must be used in conjunction with the IP address. Subnet mask has only one role, that is, an IP address is divided into two parts of network address and host address. A subnet mask is a 32-bit address used to mask a portion of an IP address to distinguish between a network identifier and a host identifier, and indicate whether the IP address is on a local area network or on a remote network.

Gateway (also known as gateway), protocol converter. Gateways implement network interconnection above the network layer and are the most complex network interconnection devices. They are only used for the interconnection of two high-level protocols. Gateways can be used for both WAN and LAN interconnections. A gateway is a computer or device that acts as a transforming task. The gateway is a translator between two systems that use different communication protocols, data formats or languages, or even architectures that are completely different. Unlike bridges that simply convey information, gateways repackage incoming messages to suit the needs of the destination system. The same layer - application layer.

Simply put, the IP address is a computer's Layer 3 network address. If it is a public network IP address, it must be globally unique. If it is a private IP address, it must be unique within the LAN. The subnet mask is a parameter for calculating the network size and IP address range. The IP address and subnet mask can be used to calculate the network address; the default gateway is the exit of the network to the external network. It must be in the same network segment as the IP address. Whether or not a network segment is calculated by the IP address and subnet mask.

In fact, the subnet mask and the corresponding IP address are the same as the subnet number. The gateway can be any IP address except the IP address in the subnet where the corresponding IP resides. It is planned and set by the network administrator. If the mask is, then the fourth 8 bits are borrowed to set the network number, which can be divided into 2^3=8 subnets. The status of each subnet is as follows:

Subnet number ip address range

A gateway in the Internet generally refers to a network device that connects two or two network segments, and usually uses a router as a gateway. In the TCP/IP network architecture, the basic role of the gateway is to select the most JIA's egress to forward IP packets according to the network number and subnet number of the destination IP address to implement data communication across network segments.

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