What is the effect of surface roughness on the performance of mechanical parts?

Surface roughness versus grinder surface roughness refers to the small pitch and small peak-to-valley unevenness of the machined surface. The distance (wavelength) between the two peaks or two valleys is small (below 1 mm), which is indistinguishable from the naked eye, so it is a microscopic geometric error. The smaller the surface roughness, the smoother the surface. The size of the surface roughness, tinplate has a great influence on the performance of mechanical parts, mainly in the following aspects:

Surface roughness affects the wear resistance of the part. The rougher the surface, the smaller the effective contact area between the mating surfaces, the greater the pressure and the faster the wear.
Surface roughness affects the stability of the compounding properties. For the clearance fit, the rougher the surface, the easier it is to wear the centrifuge, so that the gap is gradually increased during the working process; for the interference fit, the microscopic peaks are flattened during assembly, which reduces the actual effective interference. , reducing the strength of the joint.
Surface roughness affects the fatigue strength of the part. There are large wave height and low temperature test chamber valleys on the surface of rough parts. Like sharp corner notches and cracks, they are sensitive to stress concentration, which affects the fatigue strength of parts.
Surface roughness affects the corrosion resistance of the part. The rough surface easily causes corrosive gases or liquids to penetrate into the inner layer of the metal through the microscopic valleys of the surface, causing surface corrosion.
Surface roughness affects the tightness of the part. The rough surfaces do not fit tightly together, and the gas or liquid leaks through the gap between the contact faces.
In addition, the surface roughness also affects the appearance and measurement accuracy of the part.

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