Open field cucumber frosting

Cucumber cultivated in the open field in summer, sometimes the fruit is not shiny, and a white powdery cream is formed on the outside. This phenomenon is commonly known as "frosting fruit." Cucumber frosting is a physiological disease that causes the cucumber to lose its proper color, greatly reducing the commerciality of the cucumber and affecting the income of the farmers. After several years of practice and exploration, the author has summarized the causes and prevention methods of cucumber frost in the open field.

First, the cause

The cultivation field is too shallow, the roots are shallow, the absorption is not strong, or the cultivated land is large, the soil layer is too thin, and the nutrient supply is insufficient. When the cucumber grows, the plant ages and the root absorption declines; the pests and diseases are serious, the plants are aging, continuous cropping The plot is malnourished; the temperature and night temperature are too high; continuous cloudy days, insufficient sunshine, etc. Because of the above factors, the nutrient production of the plant is reduced, and the respiration is strengthened, resulting in insufficient respiration and inhibition, and a waxy substance is produced on the peel.

Second, the prevention method

1. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are combined. The cultivated land should not be too sandy, and attention should be paid to fertilization in the later stage of growth. Fertilization should be combined with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and pay attention to reasonable rotation.

2. Deeply turn the soil. The cultivation site should be deep turned over 30 cm. If there is no deep-turning condition, the ground can be sprayed with 200 kg of water-free soil conditioner and 100 kg of water before planting, or when watering, the deep-free cultivation will be washed into the ground with water, about 20 days, 50 cm. Deep soil can be fluffy and transparent. This promotes the growth of the root system and greatly enhances the absorption.

3. Pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases. In the later stage of growth, we must also control pests and diseases to avoid premature senescence of plants.

4. Pay attention to spraying foliar fertilizer. Spray 1 times of love solution every 7 to 10 days to enhance leaf photosynthesis and produce more nutrients to prevent inhibition of respiration.

5. Reasonable use of rootstocks. When using black seed pumpkin as a rootstock, cucumbers tend to bloom. When using imported Japanese pumpkin as a rootstock, the cucumber has less frost or no frost.

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