Lock Tradelink Strategic Partner Development (Master's Order) Conference was held

On June 12-13, 2016, the Lock Tradelink APP platform, which focused on solving the installation and after-sales service of smart locks, held a “Lock Tradelink Strategic Partner Development Conference” in Chengdu. More than 200 people from manufacturers, merchants, locksmiths, news media and industry leaders gathered at the event to jointly discuss the marketing bottlenecks, channel pain points and e-commerce confusion of the smart lock industry, especially smart lock installation and The after-sales service has been analyzed and an efficient e-commerce O2O solution has been provided.

The background of the conference was to establish an offline marketing and promotion campaign in the pilot western region, especially in the Greater Chengdu area, only half a month after the launch of the Lock Trade Platform APP. The conference invited dozens of strategic partners to showcase new products. Release the installation essentials, and assign tasks on site, register the locksmiths with the first batch of APP, conduct offline interviews, skills assessment, platform operation mechanism guidance, and screen the star masters who can better undertake the installation tasks.
The on-site master visited the training site in front of each booth.
Lock Tradelink APP has been inspected by nearly 1,000 people in one month. The platform has strictly registered and reported the actual name and teacher file qualifications, and held this offline single-single docking conference, aiming to be better. Clarify the platform operation mechanism, establish and improve the core teachers, unite and coordinate the masters. The locksmiths support and insist on the development of the lock trade platform, unite and seek common development.
Pass the assessment and get the star master certificate
Mr. Xue Jian, the promoter of the Lock Trade Platform, and the micro-shareholders, strategic cooperation manufacturers, contracted installation and after-sales enterprises, and registered locksmiths, shared the platform development process and achievements, and demonstrated the platform function interface and usage skills. And detailed deployment of the platform's development plan.
"Lock Trade Trade APP to help the development of the lock industry" topic sharing
Master interacts with platform operation issues
Lock the Traders Master Training Conference
During the conference, all manufacturers also brought the latest products to display, for the participants to understand and observe. Each manufacturer made a detailed introduction and analysis of the current industry situation, product characteristics selling point, future development trend, etc., and expressed their support and trust to the Lock Tradelink APP platform.
Lock Tradelink strategic partner corporate exhibits are popular
Seriously study the masters of the cooperation manufacturer's smart lock installation essentials
Shanghai Pan'an Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Wu shared the industry and future trends
Mr. Yang, Sichuan Jiaxi Industrial Co., Ltd., gave a speech on platform cooperation and future development trends in the industry.
Chengdu Saifu Rock Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Li’s on-site commitment to send a large number of orders on the lock trade platform
Ling Bao International Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Yao Zong shared industry and future trends
Chengdu Sanfu Smartjia Technology Co., Ltd. Wang shared the new model and development on the spot
Chengdu Pu Taisheng Technology Co., Ltd. Li shared and interacted with the master

Demeng Jindun Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Li announced the launch of new products and marketing models
The platform released a design and operation plan to support the original shop of Star Masters as a “community security service station”, which was recognized by the participating locksmiths. After the meeting, the registration consultation was actively followed. At the same time, the conference site also officially launched the "Lock Trade City Operator" joining method, the comprehensive innovation cooperation and win-win mode will be combined with the wisdom of the cooperation to accelerate the development of the lock trade.

On the evening of June 13th, a master manufacturer's party and a thank-you dinner were held.
The organizers and various strategic partner companies also sponsored nearly 100,000 rich prizes to help them. In the pleasant dining and interaction, the prizes were successively found to be lucky winners. The prizes were rich, everyone won prizes, and finally no prizes were won. The masters can at least receive free utility gifts worth nearly one hundred yuan. The masters of the locksmiths have expressed their support for this trip, and they firmly support and support the lock trade platform to get better and better!
After two days of training, meetings, interactive understanding, etc., the master said that in today's environment where you are changing, you will not be running, you will be reduced by the times, you need to strengthen your social acceptance. And broaden your horizons.
The team of the founders of Lock Trade Co., Ltd. warmly hosted the participating manufacturers and masters, and entered into a dinner party. The closing of the Trade Cooperation Partner Development Conference was a perfect closing.

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