Industry Focus: China's elderly furniture is gradually sought after by consumers

There is no franchise for the elderly furniture store in the Kazimen Yuexing store. A consumer named Wu told reporters that the furniture in the old bedroom was not purchased at home. The furniture on the market was either too fancy or too modern, and most of them were not suitable for the elderly. At the Shilin Jiale home, an old gentleman told the reporter, "I went with my wife to see if there was a low wooden bench or a hard chair. I really couldn't stand the soft fabric sofa at home. People were stuck in it." I don’t want to stand up and stand up. I can’t breathe when I sit for a long time.” Later, the old gentleman took a fancy to two solid wood stools. The reporter visited a number of furniture hypermarkets in the city and Hexi. I did not find a shop specializing in elderly furniture. Many salespersons said that they only knew that there were children's furniture. I don't know what other furniture is old. Nanjing Hongxing Meikailong (view map) Guo Youshe, general manager of the international home furnishing chain, said that they did not open up the old furniture area. If the market demand is large, the layout can be considered in the future. What kind of furniture do the elderly need? The elderly spend the longest time at home every day. The practicality, safety and comfort of the furniture are especially important for them. Feng Jianhua, president of the Jiangsu Furniture Industry Association, believes that the color of the furniture of the elderly should be soft, warm, calm and generous. The design should be calm and solemn, avoiding the grotesque and novel effects produced by the strong contrast. Furniture for the elderly should try to reduce some unsafe factors for their walking activities, such as fewer angular corners, so as not to hurt the elderly. It is better to use a hard mattress or a hard bed to thicken the mattress, and a soft bed such as a spring bed is not suitable for the elderly. In addition, the chair's reclining angle and sitting angle should be larger to increase comfort; and as far as possible, handrails are provided to facilitate gripping when sitting up. In addition, it is not advisable to have drawers below the knees and over-the-top cabinets to reduce the height and height of the elderly and avoid injuries. The prospect of furniture for the elderly is very impressive. Yesterday, Zhu Changling, vice president and spokesman of the China Furniture Association, said in an interview that China has gradually entered an ageing society, and the market prospects for elderly furniture are considerable. Regrettably, most furniture producers now only pay attention to the psychology and preferences of young impulsive consumers, but they ignore the “big ingot” around them – the power of the elderly. Zhu Changling said that one thing to correct is that the new generation of Chinese old people are no longer conservative and do not understand the taste of life. They also like the colorful home life. On the basis of practicality, the furniture and appreciation of the elderly furniture can not be ignored. . "filial piety" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. It is a new trend among young people to filial piety for their parents and elders. Our furniture companies can create furniture brands that use the elderly as the main consumer and tailor the furniture for the elderly. The market is very broad.

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