Beijing home furnishing industry at the end of the year, the current alliance wars to avoid price competition

At the end of 2012, the Beijing home furnishing industry is still filled with smoke. On November 27th, Chengwai Cheng announced at the press conference that he will open the fourth blasting marketing of the year on December 8-9, the “2012 Finale Sale”, Yifeng, Ai Ruisi, More than 1,200 settled brands such as Fujitsu and Ronglin Shijia will participate in the event, and 100 presidents will appear to sign up to form an alliance marketing trend. One week later, on December 15th, the champion league consisting of 11 brands including Nature Floor, Dongpeng Tile and Mousse Bedding will hold a super group purchase operation in Beijing. The reporter noticed that the two finals of the Beijing home furnishing industry ended in the end of the battle, not only attacked by the alliance, but also avoided simple price competition with various innovative hand regulations.
Two major leagues lead the year-end home marketing
There was more than a month left in 2012. A few harvests this year will soon be finalized. When affiliate marketing became more and more effective, the last two home marketing campaigns at the end of 2012 revolved around the alliance: a 2012 finale with a platform of 1200 in-house brands. The finale will be held at the finale. The other is the super group buying action of the champion league Beijing station formed by 11 brands including the natural floor, Dongpeng ceramic tile and mousse bedding.
On November 27th, Chengwai held a press conference and announced that it will hold the “2012 Finale Sale” on December 8-9. At the press conference of the Chengwai Club, there were 76 brands of CEOs, including Wen Shiquan, Chairman of Yifeng Furniture, Zhou Xuen, General Manager of Huari Furniture, Qi Lin, President of Ronglin Shijia, and Qiao Yin, Chairman of Non-Furniture Furniture. Shao Xianqiang, President of the Army and Oriental Parkson Furniture, and the famous brand leaders such as Shengxiang Floor, TATA Wooden Door, and Sophia Wardrobe. They came to the scene and jointly promised to fully cooperate with the marketing actions of Chengwai Cheng. In addition to participating in various ex-gratia specials, each brand will also launch special products, clearance goods, etc., so that consumers will return to the two days. . "Today's arrival is only the representative of the merchants outside the city. The 1,200 brands in the store will take active actions, invite customers to come to the door, and participate in the finale sale meeting at the end of the year, and strive for 80 million yuan in two days. Marketing performance." Liu Changhe, the general manager of Chengwaicheng, expressed with pride.
Another affiliate marketing at the end of the year - the Champions League Beijing Super Pack action started earlier. On the afternoon of November 7, the champion alliance's Nature Floor, Dongpeng Tile, NVC Lighting, Mousse Bedding, Sophia Wardrobe, AIA Ceiling, Wanhe Electric and China Resources Paint, 8 members, together with Mengtianmumen, Huida The CEO of the bathroom and Piano cabinets boarded the press conference table of the National Convention Center to jointly open the scrolls representing the Champions League, and invited Wang Linpeng, the president of the Real Home, and Yin Bo, the general manager of Lan Jingli, and other mainstream home stores in Beijing. The bosses helped out and announced that they would hold a joint promotion event at the National Convention Center on December 15th. The goal is to convene 10,000 consumers to form an unprecedented marketing campaign.
The alliance attacked to show that the marketing strength in the home industry is not prosperous in 2012, the days of stores and brands are not good, the single-player marketing activities not only make the company bear a lot of cost burden, but also difficult to see miraculous. On the contrary, the big marketing that focuses on the formation of alliances in the form of alliances has repeatedly won.
Before the launch of the “2012 Finale Sale”, in 2012, Chengwai Cheng successfully held three blasting marketings. Each event launched a number of participating brands in the store to form an alliance and create a marketing record. On April 14th and 15th, Chengwai held the “National Brand Home Factory Direct Selling Festival” to realize the sales of 71 million yuan for two days and set the first marketing miracle. From June 1st to 3rd, Chengwai initiated “ Huimin’s bottom-selling mobilization, created a three-day sales of 76 million yuan, successfully surpassed itself and broke the record; on September 1st and 2nd, Chengwaicheng launched the “First National Famous Home Furnishing Expo”, and members of the Jingpai Furniture Alliance participated in the event for two days. Sales exceeded 100 million yuan, once again set a new record.
The same miracle happened in the champion league consisting of eight major industry leaders, including Nature Floor, Sophia Wardrobe, China Resources Coatings, NVC Lighting, Mousse Bedding, Dongpeng Tile, Wanhe Electric and AIA. On September 23, the launching event of the “Champion Alliance Super Group Purchase China Tour” was launched in Shanghai, attracting nearly 10,000 Shanghai consumers to snap up; followed by Guangzhou Station, more than 3,000 consumers were on the spot to bid, and the deposit on the spot was 240,000 yuan; In the past few months, “Super Group Buying China” has swept across the country, and has successively blossomed in 80 cities including Wenzhou and Wuxi. The leading brands in the eight major industries will focus on “President Specials”, “Worry-Free Purchase Cards”, “Link Discounts”, Super discounts and other super-concessions are directly facing consumers, and a stock sales climax has been set up across the country.
A variety of innovations to avoid simple price competition Whether it is the blasting marketing of the city's sincere and preferential, or the super group buying of the Champions League, both of them regard the price as the biggest weight to attract customers. However, many innovations around these two activities have circumvented simple price competition, making consumer shopping not only affordable but also fun.
Taking Chengcheng Chengcheng as an example, at the same time as announcing that “the price will be carried through to the end”, a full mobilization order was issued, a 300-person real estate promotion team was organized, and more than 200 real estates were searched for carpets, and 3 million DMs were promoted. A single telephony marketing team of 218 people will be notified to more than 1 million phone users. For customers who arrive outside the city, Chengwai will pay back with red envelopes and lottery, and the red envelope will be prepared for 2 million yuan.
The Champions League is taking an interactive promotion approach. 11 alliance brands will spread information through the exhibition halls of major supermarkets in Beijing. As long as they pay a deposit of 100 yuan in one brand, they can obtain “passports” and special gifts at the same time. On the same day, they can enjoy the “president specials” of 11 alliance brands with the pass. , "Worry-free purchase card", "chain discount", "explosive free of charge" and other offers.
“For the brand, it has already had a good reputation in the minds of consumers, and the price is an attraction. But the smart marketing of Chengwai Cheng and Champion Alliance pays more attention to improving the serviceability of the brand and the customer. The degree of care enhances the appeal of customers.” Liu Chen, secretary-general of the Beijing Branch of the Beijing Market Association, believes that giving consumers a reason to let consumers go to your store to choose your brand is inseparable from creativity. In the form of alliances, it can bring real benefits to consumers. It is also difficult to resist the temptation to enjoy the price concessions under the premise of quality assurance and brand quality.

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