Dongguan furniture industry took the lead in the third quarter sales growth of 40% year-on-year

The furniture industry in Dongguan took the lead in getting out of the bottom. Some companies have achieved a 200% growth in the domestic market. “Compared with the third quarter of last year, sales increased by 40% year-on-year.” Dongguan Furniture Association official said that in the just-concluded 22nd Dongguan Furniture Fair, Dongguan Furniture Industry has handed over a satisfactory answer to its own strength. . The reporter learned that after the downturn last year, the Dongguan furniture industry entered the third quarter of this year and gradually stepped out of the trough caused by the financial turmoil and entered a normal stage of development. Orders in Southeast Asia rose 40%. Miss Zhang, who is engaged in furniture trade in Dongguan, was very busy recently. Customers from Thailand and Malaysia came to Dongguan to order goods. “It can be said that the sales volume of the whole year last year is not the first three quarters of today, and the last quarter of this year is very prosperous, because the third quarter is the traditional peak season.” Li Wei, general manager of Dongguan Aidi Furniture Co., Ltd. said that Beginning in the second quarter, orders are sufficient. “We currently account for 70% of exports, domestic sales account for 30%, and domestic sales have been more prominent recently.” He said that the company’s third-quarter production increased by 40% compared to the same period last year, compared to the second quarter of this year. The amount has increased by 38%. When the financial turmoil raged last year, Dongguan fell down a number of furniture companies, but did not fall, it began to turn to the domestic market in large numbers, especially this summer, the Dongguan municipal government led a number of furniture companies to the Chinese market to launch the overall market public relations, The effect is remarkable. On the other hand, the international market has also begun to change. This summer, orders from Europe and the United States began to rise steadily, and orders in Southeast Asia are slowly rising. “We feel that the furniture industry is the second fastest-changing industry after the clothing industry.” According to a person from the Dongguan Furniture Association, furniture orders in the Southeast Asian market have risen by 40% since October last year. The market rose by 20%, while the domestic market also rose by 30%. From the individual enterprises, some of them focus on the domestic market and have gained 200% market growth. Domestic sales have become the main direction of furniture development. The person in charge of Dongguan Furniture Association believes that the current domestic sales trend of furniture enterprises has increased significantly. On the day of the opening of this famous furniture, Taisheng Group, a leading furniture company, opened a 7,000-square-meter “Huanmei Fashion Show Pavilion” as the flagship store to open the domestic market; Dixin Furniture Company adjusted the domestic sales ratio of enterprise products to 70 %; Jingtong Furniture Co., Ltd. focuses on introducing the brand new marketing model to the national distributors, and further expanding the domestic sales channels for enterprises. Exports will continue to do "Export will continue to do. Will walk on two legs, domestic sales should account for 30% of the total output." Mai Shengchang, chairman of Yu Sheng Furniture told reporters that he had planned to do domestic sales last year, financial The outbreak of the crisis just gave him an opportunity. "Now it is time to do domestic sales. It is estimated that it will take 3 to 5 years to open the domestic market." He said that in the future, domestic sales will account for 30% of the company's output. “The domestic furniture market is very mature. I don’t have time to go in.” Wu Weichen, managing director of Yangchen Furniture in Dalingshan Town, also said that domestic sales currently account for more than half of the total output, and production has been rising. But the export is still doing, and for the domestic sales, it has also opened up new production lines and opened up new brands. At present, the operation of this brand has been on the track. "Our sales in the near future are better, so we are all working on orders." Although furniture orders have increased, furniture factories have also experienced a general lack of work. Li Wei said that the most common shortage is the ordinary workers and skilled workers. From the current orders, the current employment can no longer meet the order delivery. Now the factory has two shifts to catch up.

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