Analysis of the high-end luxury war of Chinese home building materials brand

In 1873, Mark Twain published the novel "Golden Age", which used beautiful words to describe the luxury aristocratic life on the other side of the ocean. Nowadays, China, which is heading for affluence, has also started its own “golden age”. According to the “2011 China Private Wealth Report” jointly released by China Merchants Bank and Bain Management Consulting, as of the end of 2010, the country has more than 10 million investment assets. The number of individuals in the yuan is about 500,000, and the per capita investment assets are about 30 million yuan. According to the report released by the World Luxury Association on June 9, from the beginning of February 2010 to the end of March 2011, the total consumption of China's luxury goods market has reached 10.7 billion US dollars, and almost all of the Chinese people's purchase of luxury goods in the European market in the same period. 50 billion US dollars. Cosmetics, perfumes, personal care, bags, clothing, jewellery, etc. have become the focus of luxury consumption, and with the promotion of high-end residential hot-selling, low-key luxury, the market recognition of home luxury goods has also increased rapidly, and market sales are prosperous. Along with the rapid growth of this wealth group, the material richness, and the prosperity of culture and art, many domestic home brands have begun to create high-end images and even position some of their products as “luxury goods”. Of course, positioning high-end brands, and launching high-end products, setting high prices is quite common, and even starting to poke, and directly labeled "luxury" labels are rare, but there are also clear market signs. At the beginning of 2011, the well-known Ou Shennuo ceramics launched the high-end ceramic tile product “IC Microcrystalline Baoyu” and pushed the idea of ​​“non-jaw not a luxury home”. The report shows that this tile has set a single order with a maximum value of 800,000. The attributes of the first jade tile, the exclusive "luxury" and the "price of a few thousand yuan per square meter" make this legendary tile have a taste of "home luxury" and are rated as "history." The most expensive tile", in fact, Ou Shennuo ceramics has long been the first to sing the high-end, luxury horn. In fact, in any market segment, there has never been a lack of excitement. At the same time as "IC Microcrystalline Baoyu" was lively, in May 2011, Bode Seiko Jade 7 Series "Hyun Dance" series was released, known as "history." The most luxurious tiles, from the first generation of Bode Seiko jade, to the current 7 series, Bode tiles' main "seven-star luxury building materials" has been developing towards the luxury of home. Building ceramics is far more than Ou Shennuo and Bode. This is the same as the high-end luxury war in the entire home industry. The luxury of ceramic tiles has just begun. Looking at the paint wallpaper industry, this piece is often normal with high-end links. For example, Dulux has always had a high-end reputation, but it seems that it is not easy to relate to home luxury goods, but we can still find some good pens. Since 2010, Kelly Paint has been playing the banner of “The Mercedes-Benz in the Coatings Industry”, fully entering the construction of “High-end Coatings Brand”, hiring the first-line star Li Bingbing to endorse, research and develop high-end coating products, establish high-end sales experience stores, and cooperate with high-end brands. We are constantly strengthening our high-end impressions by participating in high-end public welfare activities and creating high-end technology. Although the current high-end competition for coating brands is not yet a climate, personally believe that the clear trend of brand positioning will further promote the high-end battle of coatings. In the wallpaper, its luxury has already begun, but most of them are foreign brands, such as a wallpaper called "Independence War" wallpaper, which sells for more than 42,000 US dollars. Some brands of wallpapers have reached the price of a few hundred yuan per square meter, a few thousand dollars, for such a size to reach this price, a set of hundreds of square meters of house decoration, the investment will be 100,000, hundreds of thousands of yuan It is a high-end, direct luxury. Not only that, in the home textile, sanitary ware, flooring, furniture and other subdivided home areas, a high-end, luxury war has started. Even if some brands are not high-end, most products are only the price of the public, technology and design are not the most advanced, but in the promotion also like to bring high-end words, this is a "cottage high-end". So, what kind of attitude do consumers have towards such disputes? Home furnishing can't be like perfume, clothing, and private cars, so that the holder can get a satisfaction through the envious eyes of the other party. These things can't be put on the shoulders and on the head every day, so that everyone can see. Can only be placed at home, even the top brands, top-grade technology, top design, top-level services, and the top-level experience of home luxury, the satisfaction provided is only intrinsic, not suitable for showing off, is a low-key Luxury. This low-key luxury has certain attention and recognition. For example, the "low-key luxury" Baidu entry has more than 20,000 page views. The word and related keywords have always maintained a certain degree of popularity in terms of search frequency. Even brands such as Ou Shennuo Ceramics promoted high-end ceramic tile products such as IC Microcrystalline Jade, IC Microcrystalline Baoyu, etc., low-key luxury has become the core keyword for promotion, but we can still see that home luxury goods are promoted and high-end owners. In terms of group recognition, more strength is needed. If there is a rapid follow-up effect, there is still a way to go. Under the dual game environment of brand competition and market consumption, the high-end luxury war of home building materials brand has just begun, and the wonderful is still behind, until the birth of several brands that are regarded as “luxury symbols”.

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