Composite solid wood door overview

Solid wood composite door is a kind of door made of solid wood as the main structural material, which is made of various other composite materials.

The solid wood composite door frame adopts solid wood finger joint material as the frame, the door core is various filling materials, and the surface layer is pasted with various materials. This kind of door will add a layer of material between the door frame and the surface layer, and most of the composite doors are used. It is a medium density board (MDF) because it has the characteristics of easy engraving, easy sanding, and small deformation.

Surface decoration

There are many kinds of surface materials for composite doors, such as PVC film, veneer and steel plate. The most popular in the market is the PVC plastic door.

The PVC plastic door is firstly used to engrave the pattern on the medium density board with a digital engraving machine, and then the PVC film is once adsorbed on the surface of the MDF by a positive and negative pressure vacuum laminating machine, and the door panel with the three-dimensional pattern decoration can be manufactured.

This type of door can only be used indoors and cannot be used as an outdoor door. At the same time, because it does not need paint, and is sold together with the door cover, this door has a name called "paint-free interior door."


The inner frame of the solid wood composite door adopts pine or fir with low internal stress (the pine is more high-grade than the fir), and the frame is dried before being made into the frame, so that the moisture content of the wood and the local equilibrium moisture content (wood absorption and When the speed at which the water is evaporated is equal, the water content is equivalent, so that the finished door body is not easily deformed, and there is no disadvantage such as cracking or chromatic aberration of the interface.

The solid wood composite door is simple in process, low in cost and varied in surface effect, and is one of the main forms of the door in the decoration.


The solid wood composite door is mainly made of solid wood as the skeleton, and the surface is made of high-grade natural veneer. The shape is generally very beautiful and the price is reasonable. It is about 1200-3000 yuan, and the production cost is generally less than 1000. The main advantage is that it does not deform and does not crack.

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