Color markings for low voltage electrical conductors

1. Protective wire (PE) must be yellow and green

2. The center line (N) and middle line (M) of the power circuit must be light blue

3. AC or DC power circuit should be black

4. AC control circuit is red

5. DC control circuit adopts blue

6. The wire used as the interlock of the control circuit should be orange or yellow if it is connected to the external control circuit and when the power switch is disconnected and still energized.

7. The circuit connected to the protective wire is white

Item name: Ferric oxalate pentahydrate

Ferric oxalate pentahydrate

Search number: [CAS 2944-66-3]

Molecular formula: Fe2 (C2O4) 5H2O

Molecular weight: 465.82

Properties: light yellow green crystal or powder; soluble in water and acid; insoluble in alcohol; thermal decomposition to 100 degrees.

Use: used as catalyst, analytical reagent and photographic

Iron Oxalate

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